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The reality of human birth!

Updated on January 21, 2012

Supreme sacrifice!

We are immortal Soul!

The world is vast and hence no ideas would fit correctly. Each one has his own opinion about Life and Almighty. We have seen that the Scientists posit different theories for the origination of the Universe. It so happens that any new invention would be superseded by subsequent research and an entirely new version will evolve with time. Even the theory of Einstein is now disputed by atomic scientists. Some establishment is in search of “God Particle” through the Hadron Collider experiments.

This is true in respect of spirituality. Every Religion evolves certain ideas suited to the particular region and time. Though the basic tenets of all Religions revolve around Altruism, yet those minor variations and rituals distinguish them from other Religions. But this should not be construed as a seed of disunity. The basic human values of the entire humanity do not change perceptibly. They are based on Love and tolerance. All Religions preach brotherhood of man and fatherhood of God. Charity is emphasized in all Religions.

What really distinguish one man from other? It is his individuality and personality. Each one is different in external features and appearance. But what binds all in a common term ‘humanity’? It is the human virtues which is common for the entire humanity. This is the distinguishing mark which differentiates us from the animals. Otherwise we too eat, drink, sleep and mate like animals. Only specialty is we can love selflessly and tolerate others.

Some believe in a supreme power and some do not believe in any other power other than themselves. They rely upon their intelligence, discrimination and rational thoughts. They feel that no outside force is needed for running our life. It is true that man possess all faculties to lead his life efficiently and intelligently. But he is never independent. He is born in a family, in a society and in a country with some religious or mythological back grounds. We cannot exist on our own in society. We need to be brought up by parents safely and securely. In the School, we are taught many new things and we are enabled to practice living with others mutually tolerating each other and helping each other. From the moment of birth, we need to be tended, suckled and washed etc., Until we are sufficiently mature to manage our own affair, we needed a home, parents and society. It is the society which grooms us. After completion of studies, we try to get employed for our maintenance. Then comes boyfriend or girlfriend and eventually we get engaged with somebody and lead a family life.

In most of the individuals, the pattern of life takes the same shape as above. But there are philosophers amongst us who think differently. The normal routine of mundane life does not interest them anymore. They start searching for the real aim of life! Man takes birth and lives a life and ultimately dies. What is his real achievement? Is it for mere earning and hoarding, he has come? Is it for enjoying carnal pleasures like animals, he has come? Certainly not! He has come into this world to know his real identity. He is not the perishable body and fluctuating mind! He is superior to all these temporary instruments which perish in no time. The Real Man has no death at all! It is only his body which dies. He is the spirit within. Not only this, He is the Ever-present spirit which is full of wisdom and Bliss!


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    • profile image

      saisarannaga 5 years ago from Chennai in Tamilnadu, India.

      Thank you lone77star for the kind review and encouraging comments. You are absolutely correct in saying "but only potentially so". Yes, that is the real truth about humanity mostly. Only a few souls around the world realized their innate asset and death is a bewildering experience for many since they fear to loose their conscious (body identity) and they feel threatened by the thought of death. It is really freedom from the cage of the body in which the bird(soul) is imprisoned! Thank you once again.

    • lone77star profile image

      Rod Martin Jr 5 years ago from Cebu, Philippines

      Beautiful, @saisarannaga.

      And yes, "he is the ever-present spirit which is full of wisdom and bliss!" but only potentially so. Each soul has this potential, but unrealized. Each soul is dead asleep and must be reawakened before wisdom and bliss come to them. Only then will bodily death not be accompanied with a break in the continuity of consciousness.

      So many in the West who say they are Christians really only follow ego (the selfish master of this world and source of all evil). They practice dogma rather than humility in search of eternal wisdom.

      Perhaps we can help our brothers and sisters awaken so that they may taste the bliss and wisdom that is waiting for them.