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Relationship Compatibility for a Leo and Sagittarius Pair

Updated on March 5, 2020
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Andrea is a dating consultant who gives people advice on relationships and couple stuff. She's also a fan of traveling the world.

Fire Meets Fire Meets Fire Meets Fire... You Get the Idea

Fire meets fire in this crazy match, and it means a great deal of adventure beyond the horizon. Unlike an Aries and Leo match that's a battle of egos, Leo and Sagittarius is more about going out into the world and experiencing it. Sagittarius is less concerned with its ego as it would be considered a duller flame -- it's a fire sign born in a late fall almost winter month, which this has a unique effect on it.

Sagittarius types are tricksters, thinkers, and thespians. Leo as a fire sign born in the middle of summer has an impressive and insane ego that both draws people to his inner circle and away from it. This relationship will have the king-like royal leader of Leo with the scholar like insanity of the Sagittarius centaur. The Leo is always ready to pounce, and the Sagittarius is always ready to shoot the arrow. They're attacks are different, the lion knows how to attack in the short range, the Sagittarius is a long range fighter.

Flattery, Compliments, Wit

Leo wants to be adored beyond all recognition. Meanwhile, Sagittarius wants to charm the pants off anything and everything. Leo thrives off compliments, and storms into a rage off insults. Sagittarius is clever and whimsical, thinking on the fly, and pretty well versed in flattery. Sagittarius may confuse Leo however... the centaur is known for running into romances without any inclination to commit to them. Sagittarius wants to be free and generally approaches love casually and without bounds. Sagittarius tactics don't lead to a commitment all that quickly.

Leo however is looking over the planet for a companion to the rule the world with them. They need their king or queen to run a fiefdom beyond people's imaginations. Leo is a warrior, a king, and a champion of the people. They like to be adored by one special person who belongs to them and who they belong to -- and who will help feed them delicious compliments until they sleep their precious kitty nap.

If Sagittarius tries to act casual while Leo tries to act serious this could spell disaster. Leo will get frustrated and annoyed as to why the Sagittarius is holding back, and the Sagittarius will find the Leo is too demanding. The Leo may try some of Sagittarius games and do a few things here and there to lure, attract, trap, and ensnare the Sagittarius -- centaurs, you have been warned.

Leo has the tenacity to think it can be the greatest lover in the universe, and will do what it can to make sure you come back begging for more of their love. Leo does not want to be toyed with -- and will not stick around if someone doesn't commit because their ego is too big to be patient with your slow, nuanced ways.

If Sagittarius wants to woe a Leo all you need is flattery. Flattery both in speech and in the way you gesture to them. A Leo doesn't care as much about looks as some may think -- honestly they get kind of tired of pretty people, and capturing someone who is pretty isn't really that hard for a Leo. They don't like vapid pretty people. Leos will lose their minds for a refined pretty person, but they really want someone with a strong sense of will. They want someone who charges into life, who has ambition, who is willing to yell at the clouds. Leo finds this person highly amusing and attractive.

Bright Colors, Tacky Sweaters, and Fiefdoms

Leo is stubborn; Sagittarius is flexible. Leo may pursue feats of strength and speed while Sagittarius purses art and creativity. Leo wants you to be impressed by their chiseled body and dexterity infused mind. Sagittarius likes to play the game, follow tangents, and likes to feel lost in an adventure. Sagittarius finds more commitment in an adventure then a day-to-day ho-hum romance. Sagittarius likes the festive, the shiny, the musical theater of it all. This sign is born during the holiday season so they expect a certain grandeur to life from the big turkey feast, Christmas lights, Hanukkah menorahs, bright colors, tacky sweaters, kisses under the mistletoe, strange stories to warm the heart, and hot cocoa to warm the stomach. Sagittarius needs some sparkle to fall for it to be caught. Leo can offer this in a heartbeat. Take the Sagittarius on a wild journey they will always remember.

If you can inspire either one of these people, they will treasure you. Again, fire dominates the house of will. Fire signs don't want to sit and think and plot. They want to go. The want to be with people, they want to chase after demons, they want to slay evil, they want to party like its 1999, and they want to celebrate the strange. A fire sign is not a good match for someone who just wants to sit all day and stare at the wall or a computer or TV. A fire sign needs the opportunity to run out and embrace spontaneity.

Tips and Tricks for this Relationship

1. Spend more time having fun than getting mad or in a funk. It should feel natural to make each other laugh, get silly, or do something weird.

2. Sagittarius needs to sometimes calm down and take things more seriously and not get so lost in their thought stream that when they speak it unfortunately sounds like incessant babbling. Leo loves you, but their attention span isn't eternal.

3. Leo needs to let the Sagittarius lead too.

4. A Sagittarius will do well to pursue introverted activities alongside the relationship -- go paint, play music, write, and make some pottery. Sagittarius would do well to teach Leo how to build their own inner space and build from there and not always thrive on a crowd.

5. Make sure to take care of things around the house and finances. With so much focus on will-power and creativity some necessary boring things in life will go to the wayside. Learn to find a love for cleaning, for accounting, for taxes, and for mowing the lawn. Don't let everything run wild. Be brave to take care of things too.

6. Be cognizant of people around you, don't get so lost in your own world that you're oblivious to how you come off to other people outside your circle.

7. Your fights are going to come down to neither of you are great managers. You're both leaders who go out into the world and inspire change, but you don't like to stick around to manage things you create, you keep running to inspire more. This will leave you bankrupt if you don't add proper counsel to your lives -- you need people who can help you make long term decisions and take care of some of the day-to-day tasks for you.

8. Constantly look at how you can better your free-will and decision making. We as humans have the incredible power to make far more decisions than other species. We have the power to have an either horror-inducing impact on the planet or a paradisaical impact. Hone in who you are, believe in a God who created free-will, believe in the power of choice.

9. Take note of what's happening. Chart the progress of your relationship. No one will do it for you.

10. Get out of your city every once and awhile and travel. This will do wonders for this couple.

Remember the Lessons of Fire

Fire is a powerful element. Fire has helped humans survive, and it has also led to our destruction. Fire needs balance to create warmth and light. We need the light to lead us in the direction we chose. We need the warmth to survive. Fire can be used to destroy and breakdown walls preventing us from getting to a safe place. Don't let your fire build so big that you feel crazily angry and out of control. Don't let your fire dwindle down until you turn invisible.

Decision-making takes balance, experience, and research. A Sagittarius as a later sign of the zodiac is gifted with an extra amount of wisdom. This sign has a pertinacity for research to help carry our species into future generations. Leo has the bonkers power to push and inspire people. Leo energy can also be destructive. Leo to some degree is the energy that sent ambitious people into industries that caused carbon crushing cycles -- and now the planet is ablaze.


Pause for a moment on that thought.


Our crazy decision-making across the globe has led to global warming.

This kind of warming is toxic, dangerous, and difficult to cool. Leo needs to remember that if it doesn't idle some of its energy, it can result in horrendous consequences. Similarly, Sagittarius turning off the flame could lead to a deep winter without the chance of ever waking up.

Together Leo and Sagittarius can work to create a happy medium that cools the Leo into something more refined and mature, and raises Sagittarius to burn a little more to take on the world with eloquence, silliness, and wildness.


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