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How Satan comes to steal and destroy!

Updated on July 9, 2013

Overcoming with your mind

I will never forget the first time I received revelation on how Satan comes to steal the word from my heart, and take away those things which I desire. Why is Satan so dangerous in our lives? It is because as a god of this world he has brought us to a place that is a distortion of our purpose, which is death and destruction of our purpose here on earth.

For those who aren't familiar with the Word of God on your life, the purpose of the Bible is to teach you to know God's will for your life. God's will has a lot of wonderful promises of peace, love, joy and success through what is his grace and love for you. Some people read the Bible and will take from it God's wrath and convict you of your sins, which is why our life is incomplete. However, this was before the New Testament in Jesus Christ who bore your sins for you, and is a much better covenant than before.

So, while reading the Bible, keep in mind that God isn't out to cut you down and take from you, but through your born again spirit, you receive guidance and love instead! :) A MUCH better covenant! Yes it is true, you can lead your life to destruction by not heeding Gods word, but at the same time, God is filled with grace toward you, and loves you very much. I always think about the people who I love, and never consider the fact that I want to punish them and leave them bewildered and unhappy. I always wanted to love them in a way that gave them the best I could give them, to have their lives fulfilled and enjoyed. This is exactly like your heavenly father wants your life to be also, a life abundant.

If you read the Lord's prayer, I find it interesting that the words "thy kingdom come, thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven". This tells me that God is saying - heaven is a place without death, pain, and all your needs are met all the time...and he is trying to get this to you here on earth! Don't have waxed ears, Jesus warned the people about religious traditions! Nonetheless, this is how Jesus taught us to pray, and if you think about the translation of what God's desires are, it means a life on earth devoid of Satan.

Satan is the cause for destruction of those things that you desire in your life, and has a very deceptive way of manipulating your thoughts. When you go to God in your life, seeking to know his will for fulfilling your life's needs and desires, the promises of God warm your heart and you really want to believe this to come into your life. All things are important to God, so even if it is something minor, you can petition God for this by meaning you actually believe God has heard your prayer. God isn't someone far off somewhere, but is with you and hears the voice of his sheep...he is just looking for your faith in him to make it reality!

As we pray and believe in God, our hope and our heart are filled with that feeling of expectation, and we believe that our prayers will be answered...the way we want them? Now, if it isn't God's desire you will find within your soul a nagging or something that just doesn't seem to be right during your prayer time, that you need to do further investigating if this is what God wants in your life. It is like you having a 16 year old son who wants a new Corvette ZO6 and you are a multi-millionaire that can give it to him. Do you really think this is a good idea? Perhaps if the son is very obedient...but it is a lot of car for someone who doesn't have the most maturity! And we are like that also, so the analogy may be very close here.

Getting back to the prayer and expectation, and this is where Satan has used the instant gratification of society to his advantage. We have been living in an age that has defined instant results, with the "I want it now" attitude, which is ok, but for many things that take faith...patience is required. That isn't to say we have needs right now for instance, as if you need money for rent or for food, know that God will deliver this on time for you, as his will is that you have all your needs met. In fact, that would be one of the words to stand on and put in your heart while reaching for this desire. God will meet my needs according to his riches,(Phillipians 4:19)... you know, the streets are lined with gold in Heaven.

That is an example of standing on the word, and you must let it enter your heart and not just your mind. Why is this? Because your mind will start asking itself this question - "how is he going to do that?" Once you start to think it out to make sense for you, then you start using your own strength and you become the provider because you aren't trusting God. Instead, reason with yourself that "All things are possible to God" (Mark 10:27). Honestly, this is where we miss most of our blessings, it is because we reason in our minds.

Here is my story, and how I learned how Satan steals the word from your heart. I had fallen in love with a beautiful woman that was the answer to my dreams. As a child, I imagined meeting her, what she would look like, and how our lives would be as one. The first time I had seen her, I knew she was the one I had been looking for my entire life, and I was never happier than when I first met her. It appeared that God had created each of our lives to this point when we met, because for both of us, we were the perfect compliment to each other and our needs in a relationship.

Over the next six months, many challenges came at us...challenges I had never experienced in a relationship before, and I started to believe the lies of Satan that perhaps she wasn't the one for me. I couldn't believe the misfortune and bad timing of events in our lives, and we eventually broke up, although we both cried while saying goodbye to each other. Over the next week, I longed for her and wanted to have a second chance and as I looked to the bible, I found scripture that was dear to my heart, everything that pertained to forgiveness and restoration. I knew what God's will was for this relationship, and I prayed for us to be brought back together.

For a couple of weeks, I did not hear anything, but I stayed with those thoughts of getting back together. Although at times, I thought it was impossible because I reasoned that our difficult times destroyed who we were to each other, something inside of me kept believing we would be ok. Shortly thereafter, I received in the mail a letter from a ministry about tough times and how in the next few weeks God would indeed show up. I took the letter and carried it with me the next day to work, reviewing it in the morning as my hope and desire that I felt was going to be in my life again.

I drove the first few miles to work with a smile and feeling of joy, just anticipating getting back together. Then...a mile from work I saw a new Cadillac Escalade driving the opposite direction, and a quick glance over I thought I saw the love of my life riding in the vehicle. It literally took the life out of me for a minute or two, and while walking into the office, I had the feeling of despair as my faith was struck down. I felt bad and started to consider that this was my lot in life, I couldn't provide her with such a nice vehicle, and was disappointed she had already moved on in life.

I spent most of the morning wondering if that was her, because I really didn't get a good look, but in my mind I had lost the battle. Satan literally ripped apart my feelings of joy, and my faith in God in mere moments...he timed that one out pretty good. However, as the afternoon had gone on, I took the paper from my pocket and read to my heart, what evidence I had that God would turn things around. It wasn't an hour phone rang and it was her. She asked if I could stop over after work, as she wanted to see me. I simply couldn't believe it, I had not heard a thing from her since we separated, and yet here she was calling me because she needed me.

The moral to the story is that Satan will use events and circumstances to control your thoughts, and it will steal the momentum and faith you have toward what God's will in your life is. I encourage you to think about God as a loving father who has EVERY resource in the world available to you, and will deliver it to you if you believe.


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    • Miks7 profile imageAUTHOR

      Mike Dempsey 

      5 years ago from Sioux Falls SD

      I can tell you have never experienced God in your life. I understand the science of the world, yet praying to God while being born again leads to unbelievable results...I guess you call it unbelievable, to the born again Christian, we expect miracles and get miracles. Satan is evident in the world, and if you would read the bible, the events have been chronicled while the future is set before you.

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      What you really have described is both natural and human. Events and circumstances happen to all and we each have our reactions to those situations. Feelings of human nature are what we are genetically, biologically supposed to feel. If we didn't respond to situations both good and or bad we would literally be dead. If you want to attribute human feelings and emotions to satan, if that makes you feel better to blame something else rather than yourself then suit yourself but really there is nothing satanic about the normal events of every day life and how these things affect us. God however, is there to help we shouldn't think that he put a malevolent entity on earth to hinder us or to take blame away from us. Only when we acknowledge the wrong or right we have done can we turn to God with genuine truth.

    • Michele Travis profile image

      Michele Travis 

      5 years ago from U.S.A. Ohio

      This is a very good hub. Yes it is true. Satan does come to peoples live's to harm them. He wants to blind them from the truth, make them believe money is more important then anything.

      Thank you for sharing this hub with us.

      Voted up.


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