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The results of human greed!

Updated on October 27, 2013

Man spoils ecology!

The echos of nature for human greed.

Lofty thoughts arise from sublime wisdom. What you eat is what you belch is one proverb which gives rise to many a philosophy. The tree cannot be different from the seed. Of course, the soil is one but different sprouts come out of the soil based on different seeds. From a cactus seed, we cannot expect a mango sprout. “You are what you think” is one famous quote. Though God is considered to be the sole idea behind creation, see how many different varieties came out during creation. Though the earth is one, it is the saddle for many varieties of flora and fauna. In a way, we can equate this theory to Newton’s laws of actions and reactions.

People talk in different tones when investigating the ‘first cause’. In fact, there is only one cause behind the manifold universe. “I am alone, let me become many” is the seed thought which gave rise to the multiplicity in creation. Varieties of birds adore the sky, varieties of fish swim in the oceans. There are abundant varieties of animal species. The number of plant varieties is legion. The first thought may seem ‘selfish’ to theists. But it is the most selfless thought. That is why billions of people around the world enjoy nature and pleasures conveyed by the earthly senses. People are able to express love and affection to one another. There is comradeship and brotherhood at least during talks. It is not for his sake; god has created the world, a beautiful world in which everybody can live peacefully! But the ignorant and foolish man has plundered nature and made the earth a veritable hell to live. But nature is magnanimous. It will not retaliate immediately. Only when the limit of man’s greed exceed to incorrigible level, nature unfurls its fury by the wave of Tsunami, by the furious tornado, the earthshaking earthquake of severe magnitudes and through volcanoes too.

Yet, man has still to learn his primal lessons. In spite of heavy tolls in natural disasters, man tries to blame the very nature, which he has plundered for his own greed. Where are the thick forest is covers? Where are those beautiful lakes and rivers which supply perennial water supply to the thirsty populations? What man has gained by ruthlessly cutting beautiful tall forest trees? Is he not aware that these very forests are the cause for copious rainfall? Why man is showing a blind eye to nature’s warning. The weather pattern all over the globe is an eye opener to all. None can predict seasonal rainfall any more. Either it pours cats and dogs or fails miserably. The result is floods in several areas and drought in some other area. Either way man loses his battle over the nature.

It is high time that man realizes his foolish ways and tries to conserve natural resources. No more pollution of earth, water, air and sky, if he wants to lead a calm and peaceful life. Why man is unable to achieve this? There is fundamental disunity between people due to the ego factor. Everyone considers him separate from the rest. This gives rise to hatred, enmity and other factions. There is no unity anywhere. Frictions between husband and wife, father and son, brother and sister and the like pollute the human conscious. When god willed the creations, he wanted only harmony and peace amongst his creation and nature. But, when people transgress the laws of nature, there is bound to be retaliation in one way or other.

Let us see the animal kingdom and the plant kingdom. For millions of years, there is perfect ecological preservation. There is co-operation between the different animal species. Have you not watched little birds picking up particles of food from the teeth of the crocodile while it keeps its mouth open? The crocodile can easily gobble the small bird but it won’t do like that. Instincts keeps its mouth open when the small bird cleans the teeth of particles of meat etc. Also when a tiger or lion pass over a region, even birds and monkeys makes a hue and cry which alerts the deer and buffaloes. There is really perfect co-operation. Hence the ecology is maintained nicely. Because of man’s intrusion into the thick forests, we witness elephants; cheetahs visit the habitations nearby in search of food. We have allowed the animals to come out of its natural habitat since we clear the forest cover ruthlessly for fuel, furniture, for making inroads etc. Who is to be blamed for this sad plight? No doubt, it is the greed of man which makes him to cut the trees and deplete forest wealth. Man goes in search for tusks and in the process, kills those docile elephants. Unfortunately, with the supreme intelligence and discrimination powers, man acts in a foolish way and brings disasters on his own head but blame the nature. Hence do not blame nature or god for your foolish acts. Preserve nature and thus ecology!


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      saisarannaga 4 years ago from Chennai in Tamilnadu, India.

      Thank you!

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      someonewhoknows 4 years ago from south and west of canada,north of ohio