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The rich people are responsible to take care of poor in society!

Updated on June 24, 2017

The body is No Freedom!

We are all imprisoned in the body cage!

The body is a shackle for the soul Jiva or the individual self. The Jiva is imprisoned in the cage called body! But it is not aware about the imprisonment and the individual soul feels that the present confinement within a body is good. A parrot inside a cage also is placed in a similar disposition. Unless some compassionate being arrives at the scene and open the door of the cage, the parrot may not be aware of the great freedom. Similarly the individual may not realize his limitledness until a preceptor opens his eyes and release him from the cycle of births and deaths. This is the truth about human life. Each human being must come out of the shackle called bonds of attachments to the body and towards his kith and kin. His attachment to his own body induced the attachments to connected bodies. When someone in the street dies, we won’t weep. We will cry when some of our close relative passes away. The reason is attachment to the perishable forms. But we ourselves have undergone many changes from our births. We don’t retain the same body when we were babies. Similarly the individual had undergone many changes in forms and thoughts. When one is unaffected by the changes from babies to child and then a boy or girl, a student, a youth, a middle aged one, elderly person, we have not undergone any grief. But only during death, every one weeps! This is due to ignorance. If we recollect, none of the bodies related to us remained forever. Our parents left us, brothers and sisters left us, and grandparents are not seen now. This is the condition of all human beings in this earth.

Facts of Human Life!

Lord Buddha consoles a lady!

Once, Lord Buddha was seated among st his devotees. One lady came there crying piteously. Buddha inquired her reason. She said, her only son has passed away. I have none. Kindly revive him from death! Buddha however told her to bring one cup of mustard seeds from a house where none has died so far. She went away anxiously and begged for the mustard seeds stating the reason. Everyone was ready to help her but when she asked them, has anybody in the family passed away; each family has accepted that some of their relatives died in the past. The lady could not find even a single house hold where death has not occurred. She came back to Buddha to inform him about her failure to collect the mustard seeds. Buddha counseled her “Lady! Death is inevitable in mortal life! Hence pacify yourself since every house hold had some bereavement in the past. The lady understood the Truth and consoled herself with the facts!

Leonardo Da Vinci states!

Bodies are subjected to Death while the Soul is Immortal.

Whether we understand or not, the soul within is immortal while the bodies undergo death. The soul simply changes the residence called body! As we wear shirts to cover our bodies, the soul wears the body as dress. When our clothes become torn and beyond repair, we consider buying one new dress. In a similar fashion, when the body becomes useless and worn-out, the soul shifts to some new bodies. It is not a random selection. Every individual accumulate many karmas during a particular birth. He has to undergo the effects of Karma either in this birth or in some future birth. To work out the individual karmas, people take birth in new environment but connected with the individual in the past birth. For instance, I owe money to some lender. Before paying back, I may pass away. But the debt remains intact. In the new birth, the lender will be born as our close kith and kin to realize his dues. But both of us are not aware that it is a past due. We may spend money on the education, food, medications, transport and other expenses incidental to our sons and daughters. But really, they were our lenders in the previous births. This truth has been highlighted in some scriptures of the world. Hence debt is the reason for our spending on our children or the children may spend for our upkeep. Hence in some families, we find that sons and daughters taking care of their parents financially as well as physically. In some families, parents had to take care of their sons and daughters even after they are grown. Debt need not be of money alone! Even the physical services we render to our kith and kin constitute debt. If we realize this truth, we won’t be perturbed unduly!

Remember that God is Just. He won’t inflict pain and grief on any! Our own past actions or karmas resulted in our present status in society. We watch many beggars on streets who don’t have a place to rest in the night. On the other hand, there are many millionaires who keep many rooms vacant in their palatial buildings! Sharing alone will bring harmony in society. A man possessing many acres of vacant land can offer accommodation to the people in street. Where there is a will, there is a way. Provide people their needs, train them in some small jobs so that they will be usefully employed and their cares taken by the rich millionaire. Thus all people can live in harmony and peace. The excess wealth given to the rich is for the sake of poor in society! It is not for self-aggrandizement. All religions teach about charity. The poor hungry should be fed and clothed by the rich in society! But in today’s world, compassion is absent. People want to earn by hook or crook! Ultimate happiness lies in sacrifice and sharing. We must aim at universal harmony, peace and happiness among mankind. If everyone joins hand, we can built up a compassionate and caring society!

Nelson Mandela said thus!

We are all undergoing imprisonment in the body!

Do we accept that we are undergoing Jail term within a body?

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