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The riddles behind human life!

Updated on September 4, 2016

Taste enslaves!

Cravings and desires of mind!

Sometimes, even reason fails before cravings! It is mere infatuation which lands one head on in ubiquitous situations. More so, in the case of youngsters, who are attracted to their friends in opposite genders? The intrusion of gadgets in student life spells disasters everywhere. Many modest girls have fell prey to the social network sites. The attractions of the world are multifarious. We are unable to control even one sense organ. When this is the case, how we can expect to control all the senses? Vision, hearing, taste, touch and smell are enough to lead man into perdition. The ancient scriptures point out two cardinal truths. Those who are able to subdue their taste and craving for sex can easily ascend in the spiritual path! These two are vital for man’s evolvement in the spiritual journey.

It is our own experience that we are crazy about tastes. Of course, the preferences of each one differ but nonetheless all are hooked to the sense of taste. Some may like sweets, yet others like hot dishes. Some are slave to deep fried fast foods and some other like non-veg items. But the sense of taste enslaves even some saints. As long as one is attached to the body, it is very difficult to escape the clutches of taste. The entire world baring one or two are slaves to taste! Regarding attractions of sex, even aged people could not escape from the fascinations. At least in their thoughts, they will be recollecting the memories sometimes. There is one proverb in India. The vessel in which pickles were kept for long will always smell of pickles even if it is washed several times. The human body is the vessel and the thoughts of lust etc. are the smells that adhere to the body for long, even after several purifying acts of contemplation on god. Hence 99.99% are attracted to the senses of taste and sex!Cravi

Atma or Self

Taste and desire for sense gratification!

Simply abstaining from such acts physically cannot ensure purity! Even in feelings and thoughts, one must contemplate on holy thoughts and aims. Hence spiritual life is like walking over the edges of sharp knife! A little carelessness may land one in depths of despair. All human beings are trapped in the sensations of external world. How to escape from these clutches? Yes, it is tricky and difficult. Since the mind is of outgoing in nature, one has to introvert his focus on the pure self within! This requires consistent efforts and supreme detachment. Sri Ramana Maharishi of South India is one such soul, who never entertained the idea of body! Hence he could easily submit himself to surgery without anesthesia for the tumor on his upper arm. He never felt any pain since he has not identified himself with the body! Even during the last hour before departure from body, he maintained stoic silence! When the devotees, out of grief requested him not to leave them, he said, “I am always here, where can I go? Evidently, he was referring to the fleeting form which must always perish while the self, surviving the death of the body! He was fully aware that he is the Self dwelling inside a body! The self is eternal and it is never born nor it dies! It is known as “Sath” in Sanskrit language which means ‘ever existing! It is always present! The effort of all human beings must focus on the perennial wisdom of the Self!

All the scriptures of the world point to the Eternal Self or Atma within, which is otherwise called God or Almighty! We all suffer from agony and grief at times. None can escape from this alternating phases of sorrow and joy. But everything passes with time. Nothing lasts! What is lasting is the Eternal Self within all beings as well as insentient things. In fact, the Self pervades the Cosmos and transcends it. There is no place devoid of the self. Hence it is said that there is no movement in the self. Since the self is all, where it can move? In a way, we can say that the Self is pure effulgent witness of all. We all know that the witness is unconcerned with events. Hence while referring to the witness state; we refer it as “mute”. There is no reaction in the self. It is indifferent to the so called external show!

Part of god.

The attractions of the senses are like gravitational force!

Like the gravitational forces that attract everything to the surface of the earth, the sensory attractions prevail on the individual. We are habituated to the attractions which gives us a false sense of pleasure. The tongue tastes but never retains even the sweetest of dishes. Hardly it keep the tasty food for less than a second and send it to the gullet for further digestion! The aim of food is to ensure energy to the individual. But man won’t consume food if it tastes bland. Hence, all efforts are towards making the food more tasty and palatable! Hence the sense of taste is essential for digestion since saliva oozes once we smell the aroma of food from the kitchen. But, man should not become a slave to tongue and be after taste always. In a similar way, the urge of sex is kept in man for continuity of mankind. If there is no urge, mankind will become extinct. This is the case with all the species of the earth ocean and sky until the level of insects! Why man need to survive. It is mainly for undergoing the effects of past and know his real identity with the Self.

Start Early, drive slowly and reach safely! This direction is applicable to human life. Let us start knowing the almighty god from our young age, make tiny little movements towards Godward path and reach His abode safely!

Free from all attachments!


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