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The right path

Updated on August 15, 2012

A very touching story of a woman converted into Islam

Let’s hear the story from her

I was living in an old Jewish house in America. After my parents were separated, I had to live with my step-mother from who I suffered a lot. I escaped and left the house while I was seventeen. I travelled from a state to another till I met some Arabic people, and as my friends said, those Arabic people were so generous. We were going out together but I used to leave them because I hated the Arabic. I could not find happiness or peace, so I turned to be a religious person hoping that I might find something helps me. I wanted to feel God and seek strength from Him, but Judaism has no respect to women or humanity. I hated it, every time I asked a question; I could not find an answer, so I left it and turned into Christianity but they ask us to accept things you can never believe. I asked and wondered how God can kill His son…. How we can have three Gods? I have always known that there is only one God for this world, so I left them too.

I was completely hopeless. It was too early in the morning when I wanted to kill myself. I still remember that time. It was raining cats and dogs, when I was looking out the window in a too old house. I was asking God to help and guide me then I fell asleep. In the morning I felt better and went out, as usual, trying to earn from simple work like dish washing and there I met an Arabic young man. We had breakfast and then he asked me to go with him and offered me to live with him in his house. I agreed and went with him.

Ask Allah..He never says ''No''


While we were having lunch, drinking and talking in his house another man with a beard entered the house. His name was Sa’ad. He angrily took my mate’s hand and sent him out. I was shaking because I had to face a terrorist, but he did not do any bad thing. He politely asked me to go to my home but when I told him that I had no one he felt sorry and gave me a permission to stay there. ‘’ Ok… it is cold out now…you can stay here but you have to leave tomorrow’’ he said. ’’ And take this money. You may need it’’….He was going to leave when I thanked and asked him to explain to me why he treated me and his friend in such a way. He sat down, looked at the floor and started talking: ‘’ It is Islam …. It does not allow us, men, to stay with women…. does not allow us to drink beer, and asks to help and treat others in respect …..’’ I was surprised …. The American media has taught us that such people only carry weapons and kill those they meet. Then I asked him to tell more about Islam. H e told me that he knew a religious family who could help and teach me.

It was around ten in the evening when he took me there. I found all the answers for my questions from Dr. Suliman, the man of that family…. I did not find any difficulty to believe what I was told. Then I soon converted into Islam and wore hijab. Around one in the morning the housewife there took me to my room and saw me looking from the window smiling with heavy tears falling down my cheeks. ‘’it was the same time yesterday when I asked Allah to help and guide me or end my life. And now I am a respected Muslim woman wearing hijab…this is the right path,…yes this is the right path….’’ I said. She shared me the moment and gave me a warm hug.


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      dinda 6 years ago

      oww... nice story ..:))