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The risk of polluting the Brahmin genes

Updated on February 26, 2015
Rather be a poor brahmin than being a non-brahmin
Rather be a poor brahmin than being a non-brahmin

Warning to those who go against caste norms, it's scientific.

I don't have any idea whether this is moral policing or something whacky, but I do feel that Bengali Brahmins are the foolest community on earth. I mean, they don't have any respect for their community at all. They are too ethical and many of them want to destroy the very essence of being a Brahmin.

Well, equality is a good concept. That is it. It is a good concept. Don’t believe me? Do you go to buy the best species of mangoes when you want to taste the best? Do you like better specie of horse, dogs, cows? Do you see the cows being mated by the best bulls so that the offspring is of better quality? If you think these are alright, why is it not applicable to human being?

Well, many convent-educated, highly educated and too aggressive people believe that all human should be counted equal. I don’t think there is any base to such ideas. Well, I understand that the world has changed and we need to be more cooperative about intermixing and collaborating with different communities. But does that mean we should negate our identity? Come on, I can accept inter community marriages, but that again should be Brahmin-brahmin only. It is win-win then.

I am not saying this to offend other castes. But, you’ll see that even in the most modern of societies, people who work similar tend to form groups. Brahmin is also one such group and like all other groups, it must also inculcate the desire to be the best. Genetic variation is a good way to produce good offspring but there are so many types of Brahmins out there. If you truly need variation, you can do that keeping yourself within the Brahmin communities too.

Talking about the Bengali girls, I feel like they are more modern than they should be. I don't know about others, but Bengali Brahmin girls are too modern. Just check out any famous celebrity (except Shreya Ghoshal of course), and you'll find them breaking the caste system. Is it necessary to marry an out of caste boy to be content and happy? What's wrong with us man? Don’t tell me, love has no rationality. In fact, you should learn to love respecting yourself.

If you have complaints against anyone’s treatment, like male superiority or household issues, speak up. Solve your problems amicably. But, please don’t intermix sexual attractiveness with caste. Beauty and talent will always be respected. But, that doesn’t constitute a reason for polluting the Brahmin gene.

This against-the-caste trend is also applicable to the 'mango' girls.

I don't believe in equality. I don't believe in being utilitarian. Ethics doesn't rule the world. And, that is why, I request all Brahmin boys and girls to please follow and believe in the caste system. Don’t be too selfish enough to disrespect your genes. Good genes are good and they’ll be good forever.

If you say, I am echoing a rural ideology; I would rather be an arrogant and a non-metro guy than being a metro-guy and weakening my own caste. Caste system must prevail if we want a good society and it is applicable to all Brahmins. I am a Brahmin and I believe in the well being of my community.

Bad things get intermixed and create havoc. Wine and water gets mixed and becomes lethal when drunk. Milk and water gets mixed to produce good effects but if you mix the two, it is Milk that is going to suffer the loss of quality. That is why I ask all Brahmins boys and girls to obey caste system and all milkmen not to mix milk and water.. :)

Note: I don’t disrespect humanity but genetic loss is too big to ignore.


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