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The role of a Christian Father and Husband

Updated on June 24, 2016

The Job of a Father

The role of a Father from a Christian standpoint is a widely discussed topic and there are many different views on how to play that role according to the Bible. Whether you have been a Christian Father for many years or are just now becoming a Christian Father (whether it be recently becoming a Christian, or recently bringing children into your Christian home) there is no doubt, we have all had questions regarding what to do at times.

A Father in any home (Christian or not) plays a huge role in how your children will view "family" and how they will act. It will even affect them in how they raise their children one day. As a Christian Father myself, I know how hard it can be at times to make decisions that are best fit for your family while trying to ensure they follow along with the commandments God gives us in the Bible. The main thing to remember is that everything you do is being monitored by your children and will always affect them in some way later down the road.

We all have the same goal as Christian parents, when it comes to raising our children. We want them to grow up to become good men of God and good leaders of their household. Now remember that statement, "leaders of their household". Now that's not saying that the Mother/ wife does not play a role in how your family will grow or even in decisions that are made, which I will talk a little bit about that later on. As a Christian Father, we are to lead not only our children but our family as a whole in the right direction. We are to stand firm on the promises and commandments that God has given us as leaders of our families.

One of the most important things to remember when it comes to making huge or even difficult decisions is that we should always go to God in prayer seeking the answer. Now here is where things can get Confusing. Every decision we make as a Christian should not be made solely based on what we want or how we want things to work out. Any time we pray, we should always be praying that God's will be done. People often confuse their wants with God's plan and then get angry with God because what they prayed to happen didn't happen.

We need to remember that when God created us, He did not create us so that we could have anything we wanted or so we could do things the way we wanted them done. His sole purpose when he placed us on this earth was so that He could use us for HIS plans to be carried out. Our job as Fathers are to raise our children according to his Word (the Bible). Now remember it is said in the Bible to raise up your children in the way that they should go and they will not depart from it. Now I know a lot of people get confused by that and say, well I raised my kids in church and they knew what was right but now they are into drugs, or, they aren't in church anymore. Listen, no matter how far away from church or God they get, they will always have that thought (memory) in the back of their mind. Remember that He gives us the option to choose who we will serve.

Also as a Father we are to discipline our children accordingly. Yes it can be tough at times (especially when they become teenagers) to stand your ground, but if you stand your ground while standing on God's word you can not fail. Things may not work out how you thought they would but remember, God has a plan for everything that is far beyond anything our minds can comprehend. You are to be a light to your children. You simply can not tell your children something while you are sitting there doing the exact opposite. We are to be an example to follow.

The role of the Husband

Now going on to the role of the Husband, not only are we to be a light to our children but we are also to be a light to our Wives. We are to be there to be the rock our Wives need not only in difficult times but all the time. No decision or responsibility of being a parent should ever be left on the Wives shoulders, for her to take care of herself. WE ARE A TEAM! We are there to help them raise our children and to help guide them in the right direction according to the commandments of God. Going back to what I said earlier about decision making, Most people believe that a man is above a woman and that the woman has no say in making decisions in the marriage.

Most people read scriptures in the Bible and take them way out of context when it comes to a man and a woman's role in a marriage. Making decisions about anything in a marriage should never be one sided, it should always be a decision made together. Marriage is not 50/50 like most people say, marriage is 100/100. The burden should never rely on just the Wife or just the Husband. When making decisions (no matter the situation) it's always best to sit down and talk about it with your Wife. Agree on everything as much as you possibly can, yes men sometimes this means making a sacrifice or giving up something you love for the better of your marriage and family.

I will tell you now that every decision made should always be centered around one thing...God. No matter what may happen, it is always key to stick to the will of God even when things seem hopeless. God will not let you fall. He has a bigger and better plan for not only your life but, your families life as well and his plan is always something beyond our imagination. Our job is not to try and understand God's thinking or His plan. I like to look at it this way, If He wanted me to know His plan or His thought process then He would have told me.

More in-depth help

If you have stuck around long enough to read the entire thing and would like more in-depth information about what the Bible says the role of a Christian Father or Husband is, then check out a book called "Kingdom Man" written by Dr. Toney Evans. It is an absolutely wonderful book with a lot of great information and some real life events explaining how to become a Kingdom man.


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