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The sacrifice of the Lord on the Cross!

Updated on April 19, 2014

The significance of crucifixion!

He willingly underwent crucifixion for the sake of others.

The “Good Friday” brings many memories to Christians all over the globe! It is the day marked with the supreme sacrifice of Jesus on the Cross for the sake of humanity at large. Many people questions, “when he was able to resurrect the dead to life, what prevented him from avoiding the torment at the Cross?

This is the case with all the incarnations. They never use the powers for their personal sake. Out of compassion and selfless love, they heal many people who posit their faith on the incarnation. One man has just touched the robe in order to get healed. He had such a faith that a mere touch of the robe of Jesus cured him. We need only two qualities to approach a great soul. Humility and full faith in Him is the requisite. Sometimes, he tested the faith of the people. He went to the house of Lazarus after he died and people were wailing around him. Jesus said, Lazarus is sleeping. People thought that Jesus is commenting wryly. He commanded Lazarus to get up. They said, ‘he is already dead” No, said the Lord and commanded him to get up. Lazarus rose from the death.

When a girl wants to anoint his feet with perfumed oils, other people around him objected and said, ‘she is a sinner’. But Jesus allowed her to anoint his feet. Thus she was absolved of her sins. The love and faith enabled her to become pure. All incarnations give themselves freely to all without any restrictions. For them, the sinner and saint are one and the same since they view the inner soul which is pure and blemish less and not the outer form. He knew for certain that he will shed his body in a cruel manner and he will rise on the third day. The tormenters could inflict injuries only on his body and they can never affect the soul. When people went to the tomb, they were aghast to find that the stone has been displaced and there was no sign of the body of Jesus! He made himself visible to a few blessed followers. When one of them unable to believe him, he showed his wounds even.

The beauty of Jesus is that he never got angry with his perpetrators who plotted to put him on the Cross. Though the king saw no crime, the people persisted that he should be put to death. This was the machinations of the high priests who saw that their authority is questioned by Jesus. They saw that his followers grew in number and he was performing many miracles. He clearly told them that the temple is only for worship and penance and not for selling things. He threw the wares out admonished them for sacrilege the purity of the temple.

The high priests saw that their authority and power being eroded. They considered wealth and fame as the valuable assets. Hence they connived in many ways to tarnish the image of Christ and punish him with death. Jesus knew their plot. He even prophesized that one of the disciple will defy him. When each of the disciples asked whether they are the one, he has not cleared their doubts. To one disciple, he told him that he will defy Christ thrice before the dawn. It came to pass as Jesus told them. For a few silver coins, one disciple has identified Jesus to the guards. When another disciple was questioned, he said, he doesn’t know him even. He repeated the statement thrice before dawn. Everything came to pass as predicted by Jesus.

Jesus has not done any wrong. He willingly underwent crucifixion for the sake of other people. He shed blood for their sins and gave his life for them. For that supreme sacrifice, the world remembers him even after 2000 years and His Divinity as the son of Father in heaven is proved by his resurrection on the third day. He came alive from the tomb with his body. To celebrate the great event, Easter Sunday is celebrated all over the world in churches by conducting mass. People feast on Easter to commemorate the rising of Jesus on that day. He underwent untold sufferings, wore the pricking head gear, and carried the heavy cross though he had no strength to do so. Some onlooker carried it for some distance. We can never gauge great souls. We can only venerate them. We should follow his teachings to resurrect us from this earthly sufferings.


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