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The secret now

Updated on July 15, 2013

How close you are

I was travelling up the mountain road on my way home, when it dawned on me. How close we are to God.

For all of our prayers and needs and wants, there is no far off venerable gentleman in the sky, or recluse in some far off astral heaven that is supposed to somehow hear us and then decide on whether or not we are worthy to recieve what we want.

Consciousness itself is the God force. The essence of your being rests in God. When you think, God hears because he's right there thinking as you. This doesn't mean there isn't a seperateness to God, but merely that the relationship is like the ocean to the wave.

Think of the novel writer who, in his story has many characters. This may be a scaled down version of the creation, but the essence is the same.

Each character exists within the writers mind, and although they are seperate, they are one. Macbeth could have said "I am Shakespeare" and so too the mystic proclaims his divine authorship.

It was this claim of divinity that had many people put to death as heretics, but it is the same truth that is our saving grace.

The secret now

What's left of the past? A picture in your mind. What exists of the future? A picture in your mind.

Sure, there may be fossils of dinosaurs, and the house you built might still be standing, well I hope it is, but nothing is exactly the way it was. Everything is in the process of becoming.

If you take the present moment, you know that it will move immediately into the past, and become a picture in your mind. In an instant.

You however, will remain in the present moment, while all of creation changes around you. I'm not talking about your body or your mind, as those too are constantly changing.

The past doesn't exist anymore, the future doesn't exist yet, the only time that will ever exist is now, and now is so infinitely small that the only thing that can exist in it, is consciousness.

Silver ocean

The sky was blue, but this gives you an idea of what the shiny ocean looked like
The sky was blue, but this gives you an idea of what the shiny ocean looked like

Sunset over the ocean, a voice and an apparition

The sun was setting over the ocean, and the sea had a strange silver reflection stretching out into the distance. This was caused by the oblique angle of the suns rays on the water.

The sky was ultra blue, and everything looked incredibly beautiful to me, which prompted me to ask a question, "How does God create?"

To my surprise, a voice, loud and clear like someone talking over a very expensive PA system, with a top quality microphone, and just a hint of reverb, said "God thinks".

As the voice spoke, to my left, some distance away over the ocean, the figure of a man appeared. The shape was larger than life and a translucent purple, but as I turned to look directly at him, he disappeared.

Now some people may think I'm just a lunatic hearing voices and seeing hallucinations, but if that where the case, I would probably have heard the same voice many times and seen purple figures everywhere.

This was a one time event in response to my question, but the fact that I even asked the question at all is a little strange to me, seeing as I already knew the answer.

The crux of the matter is this, that the answer is God thinks, and not God thought or God has magic putty that he makes all this stuff from.

Creation is not a one time event that happened many years ago, and by its own volition carried on till today. The universe and everything in it is constantly being created. It is constantly being put there by the attention of the infinite.

The creation of your own dreams, in order for them to become a reality for you, needs to be there in your mind continuosly. The deeper your conviction is that it is meant for you, and that you have it already, the sooner you will see it.

This is why repetition is important, so that your positive state of mind becomes a constant.


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    • Andrew Webber profile image

      Andrew Webber 9 years ago from Pretoria, South Africa

      Hi Rob

      I've never read any C S Lewis. I think in any creation, whether it's writing a book, painting a picture, or creating music, the process of becoming more and more absorbed into the creation itself leads to a state of self forgetfulness until finally, when all is done we stand back to observe what's accomplished.

      This is the process of all creation. First involvement, then evolvement. I like to stay away from terms like Sin and Redemption, although the effect remains the same.

      Perhaps the words ignorance and enlightenment reflect better on a process that has to do with rediscovering our divine origins, as it takes judgement out of the equation.

      After all, the best teacher of wisdom is foolishness.

      Thanks for your kind comment on this page

    • Rob Jundt profile image

      Rob Jundt 9 years ago from Midwest USA

      A very thought-provoking read.

      You are correct by saying God is the most creative being in existence. The only thing separating us from God, is His holiness and our sinfulness. And even here, He will welcome us home... the crown of HIS creation.

      We were at one time in complete community with the Living God. We can go back!

      Creation, Fall, Redemption, & Recreation... This is God's creative plan.

      BTW: How much C.S. Lewis have you read?