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The secrets behind creation!

Updated on September 9, 2016

Creation is mind work!

The truths about creation and mind!

The desires that arise in the mind are like the ants that come out of the anthill. All the ants from the anthill baring the queen will come out of the anthill. In a similar manner, mind is the host for many thoughts. There is none without a thought. Only highly evolved self-realized souls are devoid of thoughts. Thoughts always pertain to the external world including one’s body! Yes, truly speaking, the body/mind complex is also external to the Self within!

Imagine a pellucid lake inside deep forest. There is no much wind due to the bunch of trees that surround the lake. The surface of the lake is calm except for the occasional movement of fishes inside and falling of the leaves on the surface. Otherwise, the surface is quiet and we can look at the deep bottom clearly wherein fishes slide magnificently in the depth. Imagine someone throw a small pebble on the surface. The surface is disturbed and ripples are formed and small circular waves move towards the edge of the lake which is almost imperceptible. Still we can look at the bottom clearly! If the lake is situated in an open space, the lake won’t be that much clear since cattle, men and birds quench their thirst. All activities like bathing, washing of clothes happen. Hence the surface remains agitated and muddy! This is the difference between the mind of worldly person and a recluse who practice in a secluded area! Worldly people’s mind is like the open lake while that of a recluse is like the one amid the trees in the forest, undisturbed and clear! The involvement of worldly man in multifarious activities agitates his mind often and hence it is like a muddy lake!

God is Love!

God is neither a dictator nor a tyrant!

None can spoil our mood unless we let them! If our mind is calm and content, none can disturb our precious peace! If our mind is full of desires, peace will flee from us quickly. The heart has only one seat. It is for you to decide whom you want to accommodate in the seat? God or mammon! If God is allowed to occupy, the Satan will flee! If it is Satan which occupies the throne, god won’t come in! Hence it is we who decide about the occupant. Of course, the legitimate occupant is god and not Satan! Here, Satan represents all the bad qualities and evil thoughts.

God is neither a dictator nor a tyrant. He is pure love. In fact, the creation itself a spontaneous play, which evolved from god. Hence, each and every part of creation is verily god! God himself has divided himself into three aspects. He became man to worship god (himself). The very act of worship is also he. In real meditation, the meditator, the act of meditation and the one whom one meditates must coalesce into one. In the beginning, he was alone. Hence a part of him became creation! In Hindu philosophy, this is called “Shivasakthi”. Shiva is static while Sakthi is dynamic. Once the Sakthi aspect comes out as the mind principle, the entire creation commences. Otherwise there won’t be any creation. Everything absorbed or merged in the source! Sakthi is really the energy principle! Even in inert things, there is potential energy! Hence we consider that one thing is at rest and the same thing is in motion when an external force is applied. When it is at rest, we can say that the thing is like Shiva! The external force is like the energy aspect! In the scriptures, one nice example is given! We have heard about Python living in deep jungles. Most of the time, it will lie coiled on some branches of a tree. No movement at all. When it sniffs a prey nearby, there will be slow movement and the python catches the prey and devour it. Once the python gobbles up its prey, it remains static coiled around a tree! The movement to catch the prey is energy or Shakthi and remaining at rest is Shiva! This aspect can be seen in many places in nature! Hence the motionless primal power becomes all this due to the dynamic aspect of energy!

Achieve no mind state!

What the scriptures state about creation?

This is how creation and primal power is explained in the scriptures! In the Bible, a similar anecdote is given. In the beginning was the word and the word with god and the word was god. We can also state this as the mind or energy is with god before creation. On creation, the mind separates from the primal One and becomes the creation. Even now, if we deeply contemplate, without the mind, there is no creation. Mind is the connecting force for all the sensory inputs. Though the brain receives the signals through neuron transmitters, it cannot recognize anything. The output is discerned through the mind just like a monitor display! Hence, the creation is neither real nor unreal. It is a mixture of truth and illusion. Truth is god and illusion is the mind! Mind is really the cause of universe and when the mind is withdrawn inside the self, no creation is perceived! Only when there is mind and cognition, the sense of time, space and causation become valid. In a way, the Self is pure witness unaffected by the various scenarios that pass through. It is the mind which is deeply involved in sensory inputs and it thrives because of the body! Without mind, body is useless and without body, mind cannot exist!

Universe in the brain cell..


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