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The secrets of Creation!

Updated on March 27, 2013

Recent Avatars!

How creation came about?

Every one of us can realize that the life on earth is for a temporary duration and none survives forever. Even great emperors have vanished from the face of the earth. Time washes everything regularly. If the beings on earth remain forever, the world would have crumbled long ago. To maintain a judicial balance, all beings who are born meet their death one day without fail. From ants to Brahma, the law of death holds good equally. Even the Brahma who is the god for creation has to end his existence one day. Of course that is many crores of years when compared to human life. With this premise in view, let us examine the question, “what is the aim of life on earth? What one achieves in this ephemeral life? Majority of the people in the world eat, drink, sleep and spend their life in enjoying the pleasures of the senses. Equally, all insects, birds, animals and other living organisms undergo the same pattern of life. But man alone has got the intellect to dwell on the questions about the aim of life and his achievements here on earth with the help of a thinking mind and intellect!

Yes, the creation of man by God is not a vain attempt. It has got a specific purpose. Most of the scriptures of the world define God as Love. There was nothing before the creation commenced. The invisible and imperceptible “Love” was the one which preexisted before the creation. Now let us consider an example of the real world. There is sugar manufactured from cane. Why sugar is manufactured? It is for giving taste. Imagine a situation where there is only ‘sugar’ and there is none to taste it. Love (God) was in such a situation. There is Love but there was none to share that love. Then the very existence of the Love itself becomes void. Hence the Love parted itself and became the creation and cosmos with the connivance of the mind principle which emanated from the Love. In the Bible, it is said, “At first, there was ‘word’ and the word was with God and the word was God. Likewise the will of the creator (Love) willed, “I am alone, let me become many”

Saibaba has narrated this beautifully, “When I love yourself, I love myself: When you love yourself, you are actually loving me! Unless shared, love has no meaning, unless expanded love loses its charm. This is really the impetus for creation. First God created all the five elements like the earth, water, air, fire and sky. Then he created all plants, trees, insects, birds, fishes and animals. But the creator was not satisfied since none of his creation was able to appreciate or admire him. Then he had to create man and blessed him with a thinking mind and intelligence. One condition was imposed on man. Man can exert his choice but he is fully responsible for the results since he alone choose a particular path. Many calls this faculty as a ‘free will’ but man has fallen into the web of ‘cause and effects’ irrevocably’. But the creator cannot stand aside without showing his concern for the creation. Hence he has deputed many wise men on earth in the form of saints, sages, prophets etc., when nothing works; He himself descends in human form as an “Avatar” to guide humanity towards salvation from the miserable existence. Many Avatars have descended on earth during the entire history of mankind and the epics and scriptures talk about the incarnations elaborately. Epics are not fictions of confused mind. They are recordings of the happenings that took place many lakhs of year’s age. Even in the contemporary periods, many such great personalities have born and lived their life here like Jesus, Buddha and Prophet Mohammad, and Saibaba! They guide the minds of people though they are physically absent. Their Omnipresence works subtly without any tangible form!


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