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The seed contains the subtle form of Tree!

Updated on June 9, 2017

Selfish people!

A seed contains a tree in subtle form!

A seed contains a tree in a subtle form! A particular seed will bring forth only a particular type of plant or tree. A mango seed will ultimately grow into a mango tree and a bitter neem seed will produce likewise. The father of “Siddhartha” might not have thought that one day his son will become “Buddha”, the realized soul. He was not brought up to become a mendicant and beggar. Yes, Buddha begged his food though he was a prince! He chooses to become a wandering beggar. His father lamented once, “Alas! All my ancestors were kings and it is not known how my son turned to become a beggar and mendicant? Buddha smilingly replied, “All my ancestors were mendicants only! This is the complexity of life. None can predict anything. Hence it is said that ‘man proposes but got disposes! If man could achieve whatever he plans, life will lose its charm! It is the imponderable and inexplicable nature of life which gives value to life. Life is a play of god whether we accept it or not. He is the great ‘puppeteer’ who holds the strings of all beings without anybody realizing it. What we witness in this life is sudden twists and turns, no one can predict. Hence an ordinary boy grew to become President of USA. Yes, I am talking about Abraham Lincoln. Has anybody predicted that Lincoln will one day become President?

Greed causes obstruction!

Human greed has brought the downfall.

Likewise, once a mighty Empire, Britain lost all its sheen nowadays. The oil rich Arabian Peninsula poses a sorrowing picture! The oil economy is in scrambles. How all this came to be? What goes up has to come down automatically. None might have thought China will pose a challenge to world super powers. Now China excels in many fields including a stable economy! The global temperature is slowly raising causing concerns to environmentalists. Holes in ozone layers caused by green house gases are another threat to ecology! Melting of ice sheets in Arctic and Antarctic regions too causes mild tremor in the mind of environment watchers! If the level of oceans is increased even by few centimeters in a decade, many island nations will be submerged soon. Earthquakes have become frequent in the recent few years! Definitely, there is an imbalance in natural forces. In addition the political and economical climate of most of the countries is causing grave concerns to the citizens of those countries. Terrorism is raising its ugly head in many parts of the globe!

What program is planned by world leaders and world institutions like the United Nations to tackle the above problems? One thing is very much clear. When leaders of each country are unable to tackle the problems of their countries, how can they solve the problems that confront the world? We are responsible for the current situations in the globe! No other species could be held responsible except human race! It is pure selfishness and greed which brought downfall in the life of beings here! We have spoiled the ecology by misusing natural resources of the earth like water, air, space etc. We have drilled holes to the deepest layers in earth to explore oil and gas. We have inadvertently created imbalance in the layers of the earth. The pressures created in deep layers are responsible for huge earthquakes and volcanoes! Through the weaker sections on earth’s crust, fire and lava shoot forth to trigger volcanic activities! We have systematically cut the life giving trees which bring rainfall on earth. Hence more and more areas are deserted by animals, birds and other reptiles. The depleting water sources create draught like situation on many areas. Ultimately, most of the living animals and beasts on earth drift to human habitations which create panic in the minds of people living there!

Thus spoke Martin Luther King!

The Education system of today is sheer waste!

Many of us boast about the education systems around the world. It is the human brain which invented the tools of information technology in the past few decades. Now information technology has become a valuable tool in every field of activity of human beings. Whether it is medicine, agriculture, weather predictions, rocket technology, banking or hospitality sector, there is none without using computers in some form. In almost all the activities, computers have invaded and they are assisting the people in many ways. There is no work which cannot be performed with a computer system. The required software need to be installed. Hence even the hand held smart phones have become mini computers so to say! With all this advanced tools at his command, man is not able to bring peace and joy in the life of poorest individuals. If technology is used as a recreation tool, its purpose is defeated. These gadgets must empower the illiterate poor people in remote localities of globe! It must ensure health and prosperity in the life of individuals. Then only it could be acclaimed as a useful tool to society!

But, what we witness today is immorality and irreligion promoted through these tools. Many criminals are stealthily stealing personal data of many individuals and peep into many areas which remain unprotected. Hence innocent people lose their hard earned money to people who spread spy ware and access our data. Hence security loop holes must be plugged quickly by the cyber security researchers. Otherwise financial institutions will become vulnerable and crooks will use their inventions to break through layers of security! Already inventions have reached many areas but the security aspects were not given that due importance. Governments are promoting mobile valets but how secure our smart phones? Hence we should become more cautious in transacting payments through mobile platforms! US economy has witnessed a downtrend few years ago due to home loans. Many lead banks collapsed causing sorrow to many investors and employees. If the world wants to avoid such repetition, there must be some protective steps in banking and financial institutions.

Human Values!

Relinquish selfishness and greed!

If we examine deeply the present pathetic situation everywhere in the world, the reason will be evident that most of the population has become utterly selfish. The word ‘sacrifice and sharing’ are seen only in dictionaries and not evident in life. The need of the hour is Truth, Righteousness, Peace, Pure selfless Love and non-violence. Out of the eight billion people who occupy the earth, those who follow human virtues could be counted with the fingers of hand. Yes, it is only a minuscule. We research over the faults of others but fail to notice their virtues. We pride ourselves about our virtues whereas we are blind to the evil within us. This is the reason for the downfall of human race. Adore God; Abhor sin’. God is formless and pervade the cosmos as pure love. Through love only we can reach God! Hence God is Love; Live in love. Love All and serve All. Help Ever and hurt never!

We are responsible for the pathetic condition of the world today!

Do you believe that selfishness of human beings caused great downfall?

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