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The spirit is free to roam

Updated on April 18, 2014

What Did He Say?

While reading through entertaining books and articles, I did notice a clinging tone. This clinging tone attempts to conjoin mishaps and responsibility towards the churches and towards the clergymen. There isn’t a connection between clergy and war, until the observation of military men, whom have served during wartime, return to the church. Ironically, even upon the return of military men, their level of influence is limited.

Leadership at work:

“ I have tried for many years to make religious people appreciate how indispensable the secular critics of religion are. Without them religions are tempted to pride, pomposity and power-grabbing. The critics of religion are the allies of the prophets.”-The Nation. December 24, 2001.
“ Nonreligious ideologies—nationalism, fascism, communism—played out their deadly games with lethal consequences, and that now religions (or religiously shaped “civilizations”) will play out theirs.”- The Nation.

Reasons for War: Why Did He Say That?

Fear and inferiority are the main reasons for war. Here are some known pick-up lines, which may cause a flinch towards the big button with the turn-key nuke attached:

“Because evil remains an inescapable experience for all of us, while we no longer have a symbolic language for describing it.”—Delbanco, Andrew. The Death of Satan.1995.
“When we have a sense of evil; but no longer the religious or philosophical language to talk intelligently about evil.”—Sontag, Susan. Illness as Metaphor.
“ The Rev. Franklin Graham made his own contribution to comparative religious studies by stating that the God of Islam is “a different God, and I believe it is a very evil and wicked religion.””— Religion and the War Against Evil. The Nation. 2001.

Who/How to Redeem

In conclusion, war and religion definitely are in the same cloud when seeking for a
refuge. This effect may be based on habit. When someone or even some animals are threatened they usually attempt to return to their origin of comfort. Maybe these peeps skipped a step within their Maslow Pyramid. Everyone should apply critical thinking and analysis to their livelihood, daily.

According to my resources, the world is in for a ride:

“We are also going to have evil with us—for a very long time indeed—and we all know that no war is going to vanquish it.”—Religion and the War Against Evil. The Nation. 2001.

War will be an inevitable attribute to the nations and religion will be held hostage for the sake of accountability...


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