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The stereotypical housewife

Updated on March 13, 2015

Real Houswives New Jersey

Reality shows... Can't get enough of them or can't stand they have taken over the majority of every channel both standard and cable can supply... I have a lot of mixed feelings about them starting with "Jersey Shore" (which I believe the success of that has blown reality shows into what they are now).

The TRUTH of "JerseyShore" from someone like me who lived my life summering not far from Seaside Heights my whole life... what everyone saw is exacly what Seaside Heights is in the summer! Wether they were scripted or not is irrelevant. That show was the truth! The only bonus they got was shooting all those years after the police department was forced to step down.

Believe me, it was probably around the summer of 1988 and me and some friends went down for some fun once our senior year was over and it turned into me and someones cousin being the only ones allowed to stay in the room (loaded with beer, which they didn't take) and they trew everyone under 18 out onto the street... Let's see...what's smarter - keeping a bunch of Irish kids confined in a rooom or setthing them out into the horrors of what Seside Heights used to be back then. If anyone reading this can relate, I'm sure you know where I'm headed :)

Needless to say, the cousin and I drank all the beer and waited paciently for the others to make their way back... didn't happen. The only next contact I recieved was from my friend Jospeh Maguire who had been arrested and beaten by the cops so badly the blood was all over his clothes and I went to bail him out.

Geeze I completely and unintentionally got off track here with the theme of reality shows ha ha ha (maybe because it's so f-in late right now and I can't sleep!

OK, so anyway I think you all got the grasp of "Jersey Shore" once it became a happier place to visit. But I believe they were pioneers as well as "The Hills" which I could have given a sh!t for because the idea of scripted spoiled West Coast kids didn't really fullfill my knowledge of what life really was. I couldn't see the truth.

HOWEVER... Being that I can only watch adult channels beside Nicleodean Jr. or Sprout in the hoursafter the kids are asleep lol I came across a reality show called Marraige Boot Camp / Celebrity couples and I couldn't take my eyes off it one episode after the next until toward the end when the drama started kicking in. For some reason that show and the therapy excersices they were forced to endure I found profoundly helpful to any marraige. I'm pretty sure all rality shows are somewhat scripted but this one seemed a little more honest, only to be chased by the new reality show "Sex Box". Yeah.. Not sure when I will comment on that one we'll have to wait and see!!!

So, back to the topic "Real Housewives New Jersey"... I've spent many many years in Bergen County, NJ doing the everyday commute with the everyday people in and out of the city... years before that with more knowlege than enough to get on the show "Mob Wives" which in the real world would never be allowed to happen. I took a job as an Executive/Personal Assistant to the CEO of a money management firm and became a career whore.

Well for starters, I got the worst creeps walking into the interview because the only other time in that building has an incredibly degenerate story which may or may not be divuldged ha ha ha it was like doing the walk of shame all over again only this time I was going for a job... yes, that sucked.

Better yet, the interview was just around lunchtime and I don't recall eating a breakast that would have sustained me through the timing of this interview so needless to say I can't remember a word I said to the first interviewer but for some reason clearly recall the CEO coming in to meet me and asked me why he should hire me.. ha ha ha my blood sugar was probably around 20 and I could only simply respond with "because I'm crazy and whatever you need, you will have". So yes, that very day I was hired and I stayed with him for years and will always consider him one of my best friends.

Good lord I am boring you guys ha ha ha. Let's get to the good stuff... like I said I was a career whore on Wall Street. I would need a completely new entry for THAT experience but in 2009 I was pregnant by my new husband which I knew this would most likely be his last shot for a child that was his own, found out too late in the pregnancy that the baby had heart defects which led to the discovery that he would most definitly be down syndrome.

Wow... for me? The ultimat career girl? wtf???? but I ended up leaving my $100K+++ job to care for my child and hence became a 'housewife". Anyone who knows me would never in a million years expect that of me. The reality of that whole situation, which other parents of disbaled children will not look at me the same for, but had I known sooner, I would have never had him.

My father (the minister who drove me to more than 1 abortion) in my deepest grievence for what was to uncontrollaby become of my future gave me the best words that actually made sense... "Jen, you know you would not have had this child ,but this being out of your control was God's intervention. This happened how it did because that little boy is meant to be here" so... I took it like a strong Irish girl would only to find that with everything I had, nothing campared to the LOVE this kid has to give. The innocence and purity.. I fianally learned what divinity was. He teaches me more everyday than I could ever (and I try) to teach him.

So... crap. I'm now a housewife after bieng a workaholic since I was 9 years old. It's not anything I would have wanted because in all honesty, the kids end up growing into school hours and you end up becoming a pile of mush even though you have a millioin other things to do. But the idea of even getting up to go pee is such a HUGE effort that sometimes you will just hold it :)

For anyone reading this who wants to talk about it... let's go, because we both know it's something harder to put into words than you would think you can (via why housewives drink so much wine!)

I'm exhausted people! I love you all!!! Comment or ask me aything you want... I tend to abstractly "nutshell" things on thi blog... I guess I just have to get adjusted to it :) Thanks for all your pacience!!!!!



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    • profile image

      Angela DaCosta 

      3 years ago

      Love your blog!

    • profile image


      3 years ago

      In tears reading what your Dad said about your son. My thoughts exactly! I love reading your blog! You write exactly the way you talk, which makes it so honest and un-staged. Keep it up!!

    • profile image


      3 years ago

      Love love love reading your blog! So honest and completely entertaining!

    • profile image


      3 years ago

      You rock... Real...honest, spell check might help, just sayin, but keep it up...I want Moore ....get it more, Moore, sooo......sad.

      For you haters...Don't hate

      If you don't like it, don't read it....

      Keep your negativity to yourself!



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