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The strange human life!

Updated on August 8, 2015

human life.

Human life is inexplicable!

Many times we are perplexed about the purpose of human life. Is it for eating, drinking, merrymaking, sleeping and dying? Even rational persons will agree that human life is meant for higher purpose. Animals, birds and insects also eat, drink, rest and die. What is the specialty of human birth? It is the mind, intellect and intuitive powers which distinguish human beings from other species. All other species do not possess a thinking faculty and discriminating powers. The next question is whether the human beings live their life thus to evolve as higher species with the power of intellect? The answer would be sadly NO.

There are many types of persons in this world. Those who use their thinking and discriminating faculties, to reach higher planes of existence. They are the people of wisdom. The second category is dull witted and lead life just to fill their bellies and enjoy the carnal pleasures offered by the senses. There is one more category who invents new things to make the life of others comfortable. These are the scientific community, who may not have faith in higher power due to their inventions and achievements. There is a fourth variety who help the poor descript persons by feeding them, clothing them, educating them and enable them to stand on their own. The first category is Yogis, who perform penances and rigorous spiritual practices to attain the Divine. The second category is ordinary worldly people who never exert themselves to raise their spiritual powers. Third category is scientists and astronomers, some of them believe in higher power but majority rely on their intellectual acumen. The fourth category is compassionate one who helps others selflessly!

Even while we live in this world, we have to enquire the purpose of our existence on earth by asking pertinent questions such as “Who Am I? What is the purpose of my life on earth? Where I am going? Wherefrom I have come? Yes, every sane individual need to ask themselves these questions. Is it for eating, drinking, sleeping, and mating to produce children? Definitely NOT. Human life has higher purposes and aims. Few know or understand this. Hence our ancients conducted the above enquiries retreating in deep jungles and engaging in such things and contemplating on the supreme power which enabled all this! As we turn to the pages of history and anthropology, we understand that the intellect evolved after many thousands of years of human existence. Civilizations started and community living was practiced around 5000 years ago as per the artifacts and archeological inventions of several sites where ancient civilization flourished.

But the ancient epics point out to the existence of different aeons (Yugas), which are major time cycles of Indian understanding. They span around lakhs of years in human time scales. After conclusion of each such yuga, dissolution takes place and creation commences after many years. We understand that great empires existed even before the existence of “Mohenjedaro or Harappa civilizations. Since every thing was dissolved after some fixed cycles of time, we have no such artifacts or remnants of history. But strangely, India still boasts of many places of ancient era when Rama and Krishna ruled their Kingdoms. We must note that Krishna was recent (5000 years or a little more) But Rama ruled many thousands of years ago. Only the epics are the proof for their kingdom and we have “Ayodhya” in India where Rama took birth and Sri Lanka where Ravan ruled. They are the part of epic history. Hence there is none who can correctly predict about the existence of earth and age. Scientists believe that the earth and other planets evolved out of Big Bang which happened many billions of years ago.

Strangely there are some philosophers who practice Advaita or monism who assert that the world is a great illusion woven by the mind just like a spider weaves its web out of its saliva and finally absorb it within it. They assert that everything is God or projection of the will of God and there is no reality. Only the senses assert about the existence of world external to one. But the world is really in the mind, and as we dream during sleep and witness strange things and experiences, the mind hoodwink man into believing in a world! Still the debates are going on in several countries about the validity of the world. The individual who dreams, never leave his cot or move. But he goes to different places during dream, interact with many, eat and drink and sometimes he is chased by some wild animals. He runs for his life panting. Suddenly he finds himself in the bed panting and swetting. He is relieved and says, Thank God, it is only a dream!

Likewise, we all are in stupor and we have to wake up from the strange dream of worldly life during the so called waking state!

Life is strange!


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