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The subtle effects of Planets on human mind!

Updated on March 30, 2016

Man is microcosm....

Connection between cosmos and human mind!

Planets have the capability to exert subtle influence in human mind. In the scriptures, the mind is equated to the moon. As the moon waxes and wanes every fortnight, the subtle effects of the rays of the moon enter into our brain through the tuft portion of the head. Hence ancient people displayed the tuff in the top rear portion. If you notice anybody’s head, there will be a center on the rear side of top portion from which the hairs grow in different directions. It will be clearly visible in children and young ones. Hence in the Vedic age, both the students displayed the tuft. They will shave other portions of the head leaving the tuft intact. This really acts like the ‘antenna’ to receive the rays from the space.

Like the moon, the Sun, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus and Saturn exerted their subtle influence on each head. But the effects of such rays are not common to every one. Based on the time of birth, date and place, the nerve formations in the brain differs minutely. We are aware that the finger prints of one person do not tally with the other. Similarly, the ‘iris’ too differs from person to person. In modern day Forensic science, these are all taken into account to track the criminals who are at large. The world population is roughly 700 crore. But each one is separate from other. This uniqueness has been used by different countries to generate biometric identities. India is about to complete the biometric process for the entire 100 crore people soon. Already 90% have been covered!

Let us consider the brain as a blue print of each individual. The DNA too is a unique record of each individual. Hence to find out the identities in case of accidents and fire mishap, DNA test is undertaken to prove the identities. The skeleton and dentures too indicate the identities of person to certain extent. When some skull are unearthed after some millions of years, the scientists undertake extensive research to find out the period of existence of lives pertaining the skull. Not only do human beings, even plants and trees not resemble each other. What is the magnificent power behind such varied creation? Many affirm that it is the “Will of God”, which enabled the entire creation, cosmos, multitudes of species of lives, their sustenance and destruction etc. Whether one believe it or not, it is the supreme power which has enabled all these manifestations. Though invisible to our eyes, it acts mysteriously, hiding behind the creation.

Hence, the wise people and sages started worshipping such power, singing its glories in myriads of languages at various times in various places. History is replete with such episodes, which are unimaginable to human mind. Surely, God is beyond human intellect and imagination. God can be felt intuitively, inspired by the self within. It is the self which is the cause of all kinds of movement, speech and cognition. Hence, at no time, man should boast that he has achieved some thing, he has explored certain areas or he has conquered certain regions of the world. We have not seen any of those emperors who wielded their supreme authority during ancient days. Only history books contain the record of various Kingdoms, their rule, the civilization and culture. Only some archeological evidence exists now in the form of dilapidated mansions, pillars and sculptures.

Buried under earth is many such civilizations. If we are able to explore the ocean beds, it will reveal the story of many past kingdoms. In India, in Gujarat coast, the explorers of ocean beds have found out the remnants of ancient DwarakaKingdom, which was ruled by Lord Krishna during the end of his tenure on earth. The epics have clearly mentioned that ocean tides have submerged the great Kingdom. None believed them. But we have clear evidences of those past glories in ocean beds.

In the great epic Ramayana, it is mentioned that to trace mother Sita, Rama built a stone bridge around a lakh of years back. Mysteriously, satellites have captured the photos of remnants of the bridge which is called “Rama Sethu” All the places mentioned in the epic is available both in India and Sri Lanka! Hence the epics are not fictions but actual records of past history of Indian Kingdoms!

Effects of Sun spots.


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