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The subtle is more important than the Gross!

Updated on March 30, 2015


The subtle is the base for the Gross!

We are all accustomed to "gross". We seldom look at the 'subtle' aspect of the gross! Why? The gross element is clearly visible in nature and can be perceived quickly. Rather, the gross is attracting every one quickly. None rely on the unseen things. To day is the age of gadgets, visible, operable and every one from youngsters to elders enjoy possessing one. We are all attached to forms. We love our family since they are visible and we can interact with them in all manners. The world itself is tolerable because of the nature's gifts which are visible. The food we eat, the water we drink, the smell of beautiful flowers and their sight, the melodius chirpings of the little birds are all welcome since they are from gross part of the universe!

Now let us look at the subtle, which is not visible like Love, Truth, Compassion, forebearance etc. These can only be felt. It can only be felt intuitively. These are subtle and sublime emotions. In this visible world, the ether or space is not seen but construed. We infer the sky through the sound element. Sound is related to the sky. Since our senses are capable of perceiving the outer world and they are outgoing in nature, it is not possible to utilize the senses to know the subtle elements. Love, compassion and truth can be felt in our heart.

We all feel that the gross is important and more relevant to living in this world. Money, properties, relations and position are the gross aspects of human life. But the joy or happiness or pleasure are the subtle results of the gross aspects of the universe. We fail to perceive that all gross objects in this world are subject to changes and destructions. Many famous emperors ruled the world in the past. All have perished along with their retinue. Only the artefacts remain to tell the history of those vanished empires like the pyramids, the pillasrs and monuments of ancient Greek and Roman cultures. History helps us to imagine about the great civilizations of the past like the Mohenjadaro and Harappa.

Our scriptures are lucid in explaining that the gross aspect of the creation emanated only from the subtle aspects of creation. In the Bible, it is revealed that "There was a word, the word was with god and the word was god. From the primary sound, creations emanated. In Hindu theory, it is known as "Omkar" or mere "OM" which comprises the sounds "A" "U" "M". The "A" sound represents creation, the "U" sound sustenance and the "M" sound absorption or annihilation. The creation needs annihilation too after some time, otherwise there won't be even standing space in the world. The periodic annihilation of all species of life enable new life every moment. It is said that our body cells are completely replenished with new cells every seven years. But really every moment, millions of cells pass away and the new one created!

The entire creation was possible due to three energies. 1. Materialization 2. Vibrations 3. Radiation. The entire functions are within these three energy patterns. The gross aspects represent 'materialization', the subtle ones comes under the category of vibrations and radiations. Without vibration, the world will stand still. The vibrations within an atom enable it to possess immense energy. The vibrations in the Sun due to immense atomic reactions in its core enable the earth to survive with the plantations, animals, human beings and the entire life species. In fact, the Sun is the greatest energy source for this universe. Without the Sun, our earth and all planets would have been dead and disintegrated long time back. The movements of planets are possible due to gravitational pull exerted on them by the Sun and other elements.

Scientists talk about alfa, beta and gamma rays. In fact, the radiation of heat and light from the sun enable us to live, eat and enjoy our life. Hence God is caring the creation with all elements and aspects of energy. He created all beings and provided the food and water sources to them. He kept the ecology in balance. Periodical aging and diseases are the common cause of death of many species. In food cycle, the small animals are food to big animals. The insects and other worms are food to many birds. Whether it is in the ocean or air or on earth, ecology is perfectly maintained so far.

The only culprit is the greedy man who exploit nature for his own pleasure and possession. The deforestation for the sake of Industrial evolution is the first major mistake of man. Now we find that indiscriminate drilling of earth to tap oil or gas is the main cause for many devastating earthquakes, tsunamis and volconoes. We observe that the needs of stone age man was little. Nature was benign. As the needs of the man grew due to various needs and comforts, man started exploiting nature. Industrialization by Capital countries led to the abuse of nature in many ways. Also the manufacture of many bombs for use in wars led to the atomic pollution of atmosphere. It is really a wonder, how man survive today amid the many odds.

Hence we should give importance to the subtle elements of life. We should develop and possess selfless Love towards all, be compassionate with every one and never harm any creature on earth!

Gross and Subtle!


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      3 years ago

      Excellent article and some very useful points.


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