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The superior human intelligence and lack of virtues!

Updated on June 5, 2016

Attachments causes pain.

The ego is the root cause of pain and grief!

Sometimes, remaining passive is a good idea. Activism always never fetches fruit. To remain passive, need courage and conviction. Those who can remain passive can remain fearless. There are certain virtues, everyone need to develop. First is contentment. Second one is to remain undaunted under any circumstances. If we ponder a little, we will come to know, that it is ‘body consciousness, which is called ego, is the root cause of fear and agitations. Once we relinquish this false attachment to the body, we can remain fearless. Let us strive to understand the tabernacle called body. It is a combination of many basic elements found on creation. The skin is made up of ‘earth element’ and the fire generated within the body is akin to the fire, we notice outside. The body is always kept in constant temperatures. Then, digestion and movement of blood, breathing etc. is possible, due to fire element.

Elements in outer space is inside human body!

All elements are contained in the body!

We are aware that the body contains liquid which is around two thirds of the body volume. The skull, nerves and muscles are formed with the combination of several elements. We think because of the mind principle, which is of the nature of sky! All emotions and feelings emanate due to sky element. Air causes breathing as well as excretion, digestion, movement of blood and air around the body. The various elements like hydrogen, oxygen, iron, Sulphur and some trace elements forms part of our inner constitution. Actually, the body is a most miraculous creation which performs many tasks and functions resembling a huge manufacturing, storing and delivering unit, all combined in a single form.

In fact, even the fastest computer can never match human brain. Computers can be loaded with programs of ‘artificial intelligence’ and not real intelligence. In a way, computers are ‘copy cats’ of human brain! But, they can never replicate a human brain. Only a human being has invented the computer, machine language, and TCP/IP protocols. Of course, the beginning was very modest. Abacus might be the starting point. The invention of binary theory and algorithm enabled development of many programs. Initially, the inventors have spent years to find out a working model of communication cum calculating machine. Nowadays, every day, a new invention happens in advanced computing technologies and internet protocol. Program languages have been simplified and anyone with a basic logic sense of sequences can write a program easily! Today, we find that even young boys of eight years develop some useful software and market it. It is not age but the capacity of the brain to grasp the basic program which counts. Like the genuine programmers around the world, hackers abound everywhere in the net that break into secure web sites and cause heavy loss to the companies and individuals. No doubt, information technology is the greatest invention in the present century, yet it could not be made ‘foolproof’.

web connections..

The body is after all a bubble!

Those who use it must be doubly careful since a minor error may lead to the loss of millions of dollars, besides losing one’s vital data! Hence many multi nationals have built many layers of secure encryption, so that none could peep in. In a similar way, banking and financial institutions have secured their websites

Why I narrate all this? It is the power of brain of human beings which was ordained by the creator. But in spite of all these achievements, man need to learn certain basic qualities like calm and contentment in his life, so that he can avoid the agitations associated with body attachment. Bodies are like water bubbles. It may burst at any moment. The mind is a fickle instrument like the intoxicated monkey! How can we rely upon these faulty instruments? Hence rely upon the all-pervasive Self, which is the cause for the creation and all commotion associated with it.


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