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The sweet little Sai!

Updated on February 28, 2013

Few photos of early years!

The plays and pranks of the Lord during His boyhood!

When i think about the episodes of "Bala Sai", it is nothing but Divine ambrosia oozing all over. Even in the remote village, which was only a stone throw away from the 'stone age' as narrated by a foreign author in one of his book on Saibaba, many were supremely lucky to have daily contact with the Lord in human form (None knew him so or recognized his Divinity until he himself has solved the puzzle one day by telling his father, "I am Saibaba! Worship me. Keep your house and mind clean. Pedda Venkapparaju was flabbergasted by this strange revelation. The stick from his hand slid down. He was intending to beat the ghost out of "Sathya"! That was the name given to our sweet little lord by the parents since he was the gift from the deity Sathyanarayana whom his grandmother worshiped reverentially just before his birth. Though she was summoned many times to come back due to delivery time of daughter in law, yet she was adamant not to break the ritual in the middle! Only after her return with the holy offerings to the Lord, Easwaramba, the Divine mother gave birth to the Lord at 5.06 AM on the 23rd November 1926 at Puttaparthi, a little hamlet in Andhra Pradesh in India.

The Lord, as a baby had a mole on its cheek. It had one more mole in the chest. The footprints contained the symbols of Sanku and Chakra belonging to Lord Mahavishnu! When it was laid over a palmirah mat, the mat moved in a peculiar way. The attending ladies feared that some reptile entered beneath the mat. Yes, they were right. It was a cobra coiled like a bed of cushion for the comfort of the baby Lord. Yes, Lord Mahavishnu used to rest on a huge serpent named Adhisesha. The same snake now acted as a bed to the Divine baby! Thus the era of Sathya Saibaba had began. Many events happened before which acted as a precursor to the great event on the earth. Musical instruments hung on the wall of the hut played Divine music without anybody playing them in the midnight. When the bewildered parents reported the matter to a Pundit who is well versed in Sasthras, he pacified them saying that a great power is going to be present in the house. Is anybody is pregnant in the house, the Pundit enquired. Finding that the mother Easwaramba is carrying the baby in her womb, he was wonder struck. As predicted and as destined, the Lord was born on the auspicious hour of the auspicious day and month. Yes, people of Andhra used to celebrate the month with many rituals, especially for the worship of Lord Shiva. They were unaware that the Lord Himself has descended as a baby in a little hut in the holy land.

Many may be aware of Shri Aurobindo of Pondicherry where he took his final Samadhi. There is the world famous Aravinda Ashram and "Auroville" founded by the Mother. Shri Aurobindo was in seclusion for several years. In fact, he was pleading and praying to the Lord of the Universe to descend in human form to protect the humanity from destruction. On the next day of Saibaba's birth, ie. on 24th November 1926, he came out of the seclusion and announced to the devotees gathered there, "Krishna has entered in this world" and hence he has achieved his sole aim. It is imperative that the reference is to the descent of the Lord on the previous day at Puttaparthi.

The pranks of the Bala Sai is legend. Many devotees who saw Saibaba during 1940 on wards have chronicled their experiences and miracles performed by the boy Sathya elaborately. They have done yeoman service to humanity. They have included many black and white photos of the early periods. But they were supremely lucky to witness them with their own eyes. His cures by mere touch, his manifestations of varieties of things including visiting cards, rings, wrist watches, sweets and peppermint and lockets depicting various forms of godhead baffle our imagination. He has performed all these when he was just a boy of 16. Even when he was studying in preliminary classes, he used to manifest pencils and slates and other items necessary for their studies when he was hardly 7 or 8 years. Once he converted frogs into pigeons since the boys who kept the innocent creatures captive in a basket were not willing to let them go. When Sathya told them that there is no frogs inside, they opened the basket to find several pigeons flew from it. The boys revered him as their leader, Guru"

In a trice, he will be on the top of a hill when other boys who were running were panting for breath. Once Sathya performed a surgical operation on a patient who was suffering from acute appendicitis He manifested the surgical instruments and tore open the stomach and removed the appendix. His hands were smeared with fresh blood. He asked a lady to pour water on his hand. The lady was bewildered. She feared that the wound will become septic when Sathya told her he has no stock of bandage! The lady hurried inside to find that the patient was gulping hot iddlies (a rice flower pudding). There was just a line mark at the point of surgery.That is how the Lord played with all. He has shown on the river, the reflections of all previous incarnations of God one by one. When the form of Lion-man(Lord Narasimha) was seen, Sathya was in terrible anger. Even four stout people could not contain his body. Every body prayed for abetting the terrific anger of Sathya. Soon he was his normal self! If you can get the book "Anyatha Saranam Nasthi" by a lady devotee Vijayakumari, you can enjoy the beautiful episodes of the boy Sathya!


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