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The tide will turn soon!

Updated on February 25, 2017

Human cravings.

Human cravings are endless!

Human cravings are endless. From basic cravings like hunger and thirst, it extends too many things like home, conveyance, wealth and other valuables; he seeks more and more from this material world. Most of the people could realize only the essentials that too to the barest level. Hence there are enormous differences like wealthy and poor, proficient and illiterate, powerful and the lowly. We have seen that differences in pressures and velocities cause upheaval in ocean system, which ultimately become a trough and depression! We have seen and heard about the heavy destructions caused by different classes of cyclones arising initially from a low trough! Exactly in the same manner, the differences between individuals cause upheavals in society in various times. The world has seen political unrest, commotions in civil societies and the resultant trauma in the minds of ordinary citizens.

Many political systems have evolved to correct the imbalance in people like ‘Communist, Socialist and some distortions on the above. But no country, whether it follows communist or socialist policies have progressed to a great extent. Now we realize, ‘whatever is the political philosophy, the sufferings of the people remain the same! In communist countries, a kind of dictatorship is practiced and political power seems to corrupt even those who profess “Communism”. Ultimately it is seen that a humble leader alone could guide his country towards equalitarian society. The vices of corruption and criminality are more in those countries and slowly it comes to the fore. Hence whether it is democracy or communalism, the condition of the people are more are less the same! People in Communist countries were forced to follow rigid rules of life. There is no freedom of choice. Government will dictate terms regarding the number of children one should have! There may be adequacy, still there is no freedom!

Communism and Socialism.

Different political systems have not solved problems of society!

Many countries flaunt ‘Socialist Republic”. The name may convey a sort of freedom but in actual practice, there is no such freedom. Comparatively India boasts more freedom for its citizens than in several Western countries. Barring few cities, the cost of living in India is comparatively lower than many of its contemporaries in the world. Because of terrorism, India too suffers due to frequent infiltration of terrorist elements across the borders which have created lot of problems in security situations. If India pushes forward with the current form of government, in few years, it will rise as an economically viable country in South Asia, next only to China! In spite of multifarious threats, India will become a strong economy with lot of growth. Corruption and black money is tackled with an iron hand and in fact, the ‘demonetization drive’ has dealt a blow to many hoarders who deal in black money! It has come in correct time since possessing banned notes itself is declared to be a crime. All those who hoarded in black money were forced to deposit it in banks. Thus the government could easily hound the criminals. Cash dealings above Rs.3 lakhs are banned. Only cheque transactions are allowed. All were forced to transact through debit or credit cards or through mobile platforms.

Hawala or money laundering business has come down to a great extent. Still many offenders are at large, but the government carries out multi-pronged strategies to book the real culprits. A forceful Modi with his team is slowly gaining grounds. Many thought that the demonetization will boomerang on the government. Sadly, the expectations of opposite parties have turned wrong. The subsequent election results everywhere clearly prove that the policies of this government are welcomed by many people sans the corrupt in society! The next target of Modi is “benami transactions”. Politicians cleverly escape from crimes making someone as alibi. Hence, the corrupt money is converted into immovable properties, gold and investment in foreign soils. Now India is able to obtain details of accounts secretly kept by many political people in foreign banks. In course of time, corruption will slowly reduce and a stable government will look at the welfare of the poor, rural peasants and other stack holders in society. Now many big people are caught red handed and punished by the highest court and they are undergoing imprisonments.

The great escape!

Following spiritual ethos will save the world.

It is clear now that one cannot cheat all the people all the time. The noose around their neck is slowly tightening. The circle is turning around. India can look around and realize the glorious ethos of Gandhi, Patel, Nehru and Subash Chandra’s days in few years. Now each country is struggling to find out its roots among growing terrorism, decline in general economy and many humanitarian crisis like refugees who seek political asylum in neighboring countries.

Now, all the countries need to follow spiritual giants like Jesu, Buddha, Prophet Mohammad, Mahavira, Guru Nanak and the like who preached ‘Love, tolerance, brotherhood and non-violence. Many people have started realizing the futile value of earthly riches and comforts. Everything is changing swiftly. Nothing will last forever. Contentment is the greatest virtue and sacrifice is the highest virtue. Sharing our excess resources with the have nots is the most profitable transaction for our soul. Let peace and harmony prevail everywhere on earth.

Ego and God.

Politician have not solved world problems!

Do you consider that the present political leaders can guide the world?

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