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The ultimate aim of human life!

Updated on July 26, 2017

Don't waste your life!

One who says, "I know", is ignorant.

The man who asserts “I know” is ignorant. The man who accepts his ignorance stating “I don’t know’ is better than the former. We all feel that the mind is wise and it possess knowledge. It is a wrong perception. The mind has no knowledge at all. Moreover the mind is an inert instrument like the body but we feel that the mind is all knower! The mind is like the moon which has no light of its own. The Sun reflects on the glassy surface of the moon which gets reflected as the cool moon light. The self or Atma is like the Sun and the mind receives the illumination from the Atma alone. We all believe certain things which are never true! The entire knowledge originated from the Atma alone. For instance, an automobile however sophisticated it may be cannot move on its own. A driver is essential to drive the car. Also one needs battery power to switch on the engine. Without the electric ignition, no car can start or no motor bike can run. Seeing a car moving on the road, we falsely assume that the car has the power. No! It is also an inert machine which must get power through battery and someone behind the wheel to start and drive it safely!

The more I know...

God has willed the creation and cosmos!

Similar to a car driven by a driver, the Cosmos move as willed by the creator! All animate and inanimate things move or grow as per the will of god. Birds fly, fishes swim in the water and other animal species live and move in the forests. From an ant to elephant all the species act as per the powers conferred by the creator. They eat, grow, mate and sleep as ordained by god for the individual species! Man alone possesses thinking capacity and discriminating intellect. It is bestowed on man for his own uplift. All other species behave and move as per their own instincts which persist for millions of years. The power to think and discriminate must be utilized by man to know the reason for his life on earth. It is not for enjoying sensual pleasures like the animal species. Man need to restrain himself in food, recreation and sleep. Moderation in food, sleep and recreation will take man on spiritual path which will lead him to god. Yes, this must be the ultimate aim of human life. He is not here to eat, drink, sleep and merry making. If man wastes his precious life in low aims like the other species, it is the depth of ignorance.

Take responsibilityl

Do not use a gold cup for drinking water!

It is like using a golden cup for drinking water. A wise man will preserve the gold cup in iron safe since it is valuable. None will use the gold cup to drink water! A great poet in South India once lamented before the goddess “you have made a beautiful violin, will you cast it on mud? This precious human life is like a beautiful stringed musical instrument. One will play thrilling music through such instrument and none will cast it on the mud”. The world has given birth to many sages, saints, philosophers and wise people. Hence from ancient days, people like Socrates and other philosophers exhorted the people not to waste the precious god given life in lower pursuits. He was imprisoned for such lofty thoughts and preaching. Finally he was given a potent poisonous drink so that he will die. Socrates happily accepted the drink, silently drank it and died. He considered knowledge is supreme to death. Hence he willingly drank it and embraced death! From ancient days, people resisted such high philosophies. Even great scientists and astronomers were imprisoned for their theories about the planets and movement. Knowledge is power. More than secular knowledge, spiritual wisdom is the highest treasure one can possess. Secular knowledge can fill our bellies while spiritual knowledge will illumine our soul which is veiled by the gross body and senses.

To see God...

Scientists infer while spiritualists are inspired!

Scientists infer while spiritualists are inspired by the creation and start enquiring, ‘how all these things came about’. After hundreds and thousands years of silent enquiry, they understood that the creation is willed by the supreme power, sustained and absorbed by the power. Scientists view them as natural power and they deny the existence of someone who created all this! I am sitting behind the computer and typing the post. Is it wise to infer that the computer existed on its own? Some great mind has invented the computer system with the aid of diodes, switches and binary theory. Many logical programs were written to make the computer to function in the way required. It was word, excel and database in the beginning. Many advanced programs were written for almost all functions related to transactions of the world. Finally, educational institutes, hospitals, tourism industry and business establishments started using the programs designed for their need. These applications are more valuable than the computer systems. This software enable banking and financial transactions around the globe, space travel, controlling air traffic, weather predictions and oceanography etc. Now computers have become the most essential part of human life. After the invention of internet, everything was made easy and elders utilized the facilities for bill payments, online booking of air travel and trains, purchase of groceries and other needs sitting in the comforts of their home. E mail and other applications helped us to convey messages instantaneously. No doubt, it is a great boon for all, if the security aspects are taken care of. Terrorists and cyber criminals use the net for siphoning off millions of dollars from unsuspicious clients of banks. Hence it is most vital that we adopt secure net transaction without divulging our personal data to any!

Youngsters! Play safe with the gadgets!

Again, the youngsters are victims to many harmful pastimes in the web. There must be a parental control system or child lock facilities to avoid children visiting porn or other prohibited web sites. The net has become vast so the criminals too! Hence play safe! Above all remember that human life is not for recreation, it has much bigger aim, i.e. realizing our identity with god! The gadgets must enlarge our vision in this direction and nowhere else!

Ills of electronic inventions!


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