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The ultimate destiny of each human being is Divine abode!

Updated on April 15, 2017

Human brain development

Millions of births are needed for human evolution to higher destiny!

In order to evolve to Divinity, a human being needs to take birth much number of times. It is written in some spiritual texts that it may take millions of births to evolve as a Divine One. Of course, we may not believe it. Until all the imperfections in human conscious are removed, he cannot ascend to Divinity. It is not like our Universities which give a pass, once a student secures 50% in all subjects. Spirituality means perfection and we need to score one hundred percent to reach the Divine abode! The evolution as a perfect human being itself is a long and arduous route. If I say that mankind is culmination from minerals, plants, insects, fishes, birds and animals, none will believe the theory. We have seen how a frog develops from the egg. There are several stages before a fully grown frog comes out. Even Darwin’s theory of evolution subscribes to evolution from lower species!

The origin of human being!

Development of intellect took millions of years!

When we compare the physical features of a caveman with that of modern man, we will notice lot of differences in shape and form. Early human being developed limbs to adept the environment in which he lived. Only after millions of years of evolution, brain development improved and man started thinking logically. Prior to that, it was only trial and error. The early man was consuming raw meat of animals. Later man has invented to start fire and cook the flesh of the animals in fire and he found them tasty as well as easy for digestion. Weather conditions made him to seek shelters from cruelling heat as well as biting cold. Then he started covering his body with leaves and barks of trees. He made some stone tools to tear or powder the big pieces etc. He found that in addition to water, honey was very tasty and gave him energy to move around and catch animals. The skin of the animals enabled him to maintain body temperatures in times of cold. Also, he learned to construct little huts for the safety of family members and to preserve meat fruits, barks, leaves and timber. He could easily catch birds and killed them to eat. He found eggs of birds nourishing food. Later he found milk of animals is more suitable for babies and children. He started rearing milk animals like cow and goat. To feed the cattle, he was in search of grass lands. Slowly he learned to cultivate the fertile lands with barley and other grains. He made bow and sharp arrows to kill the animals from a distance.

Various stages in evolution!

Discrimination and intellect played major role in human evolution!

It is discrimination and intellect which play a major role in human evolution. In addition to physical work, he needs to develop his brain skills. It is just like how the babies grow into a child, a young man, middle aged and elderly man. Our thinking capacities are refined as we grow further and involve with others in societies. We need to live first. For that we need food, clothing and shelter and our parents and relatives to guide and guard us in primitive years. But, all the scriptures point out to the fact that every individual will ultimately reach the divine one day. As all rivers reach ocean which are the accumulation of many drops of rain over vast areas, each individual combined with others form a mass and by force of nature, one day, they will reach the ocean of Divinity. This is what Jesus proclaimed that even the lowliest will one day reach the Kingdom of God. None will be stranded. Of course, the path taken by each individual may be separate, their speed slow or fast, ultimately they will reach in their own time, the destination which is god! Early human being was curious about nature, sky, the Sun and moon, change in weather, the river system as well as the ocean system. He was filled with awe and respect at the gigantic world of creation with lot of flora and fauna. This made him submissive to nature and him developed a kind of faith and devotion in some superior power. In Hindu scriptures, there are evidences of worship of fire, Sun, Snake and even stone idols. Slowly a system of rituals evolved to worship the higher power!

How the ancient man was looking?

Ancient Vedic culture needs to be restored to gain harmony and peace in human society!

Vedas, Upanishads, Puranas (epics) were clear examples of the relationship between the creation and creator. All the present sciences, medicines, herbs and even mechanical contraptions were mentioned in ancient “Atharva Veda”. Astronomy and astrology are part of this great Veda! The procedures of fire worship, various chants and the materials that are offered in the fire pit are elaborated in various Vedas. The Veda is ‘sabda or sound”. The different accentuations for the syllables and chants create conducive atmosphere which help the human societies to live in peace and prosperity. Many sages and saints were performing various fire rituals for the sake of welfare of human race1 In ancient Kingdoms, the emperors took it as their responsibility to preserve the Vedic culture. Hence they have made many endowments to Vedic scholars and provided them with cattle, agricultural lands and gold to preserve their lineage and traditions. It was found that wherever fire rituals were performed sincerely, rainfall happened periodically. Hence the lands were fertile and yielded lot of grains, vegetables and fruits. Cattle wealth thrived and there was no paucity of milk and ghee. In fact, ghee is essential for performing the fire rituals and the offering of ghee in the fire pit ensured copious rain.

From food, man is born, he is sustained by food alone and ultimately when he dies. His body is consumed to fire and he reaches the earth again. This cycle goes on forever. This is how ecology is preserved from ancient days and our ancestors have found that preserving the Veda and Cows ensured all round peace and prosperity. But today we find deterioration of ancient cultures which gave way to materialistic mentality and greed. Sacrifices have been relegated to a few and hence the human society suffers from draught and epidemics. The modern man is wedded to electronic gadgets. Though the gadgets make his life easy and comfortable, humanness is missing from humanity. Man has become a robot and there is no emotion like love, affection and sacrifice. Once again we have to build up the ancient traditions to restore peace and happiness in human societies!

It took millions of years to gain human evolution!

Do you believe human beings evolved from minerals, plants and lower species?

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