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The ultimate existence in the Supreme!

Updated on January 30, 2017

Message of Sathya Sai!

The Power of the Name of God!

The power of the name of god (any form) is immeasurable and inconceivable! The name Rama, Krishna, Jesus, Jehovah or Allah is equally propitious. In fact, name is more potent than the form. All forms are subject to changes but not the name! The form of Jesus might not be visible literally. But the name Jesus evokes the same grace and blessings! The more love and faith we have on chanting, helps us to cross the miserable ocean of worldly life!

It may be seen that almost all religions glorify the name of god in different tongues. God never look at how you pronounce the name! He is receptive to the feeling behind the call. Call him ‘mother’ and he will respond compassionately. It need not be a specific name. Hence in Christianity, the supreme one is termed as “Father in Heaven”. Jesus also was called in different names by different people like Isa, Yesu, Jesus or Jesu! All this connote the same and equally potential. Even cows call ‘ma’. The calf too calls ‘Ma or mey. Hence god never says that your pronunciation is not correct and I will not respond! He observes the feeling behind the call. Sometimes, it so happens that we forget to call Him, when we are greatly depressed in fear and anxiety. But, whether we remember HIM or not, his watchful eyes are always on humanity and in times of danger, he instantly protect the one who is pious and nurture good thoughts and holy feelings. One of the promise of god is ‘to protect the humble and pious’, to eliminate evil doers and saving the Veda! Veda is but the word of god. Self-realized sages intuitively become receptors to the holy sound that emanated in the sky. In short, Veda is the breath of God. The same can be construed with the teachings of Prophets like Jesus and Prophet Muhammad. They were in tune with the God’s consciousness and whatever they uttered becomes Truth!

Secrets of creation!

The ever existing Eternal Principle!

Before creation, there was nothing since God is formless and attribute less. The formless alone could choose any form. On the other hand, if we conceive god with form, then his all pervasiveness is under question. Everyone who is spiritually inclined believes that god is ‘Omnipotent, Omnipresent and omniscient. He pervades the cosmos and creation! We are limiting god’s glory when we try to put him in a particular form! Also, time, space and causation are the illusory imaginations of the mind. In god’s domain, there is no time, space and cause. Indeed, god is beyond time, space and causation and he is beyond all dualities our mind imposes on mortals. He is ever-present everywhere all the time! This quality is termed as “Sath” in Sanskrit literatures and scriptures. The meaning is ‘ever existing, ever present everywhere! Now we can understand this point by simple logic. Only when there is empty space, something can be kept there! In worldly level, we have homes wherein we keep all house hold materials and we live there since there is space. The sky accommodates trillions of stars and galaxies within it. But god is said to be beyond time, space and causation! How can we say that god is present only in temples, churches and mosques? He is all pervasive, yet transcends them. He is not bound by space. The sky contains everything but the sky is the outcome of the Will of God. Hence god is not bound by the temporary space! When creation happens, all the five elements arise from the super ego, which is known as ‘mahat ahankara’ in the scriptures! When the creation is subsumed, everything goes back to their source. It is said that God rests on the waters of annihilation in a leaf! Since our intellect is limited to the world, we cannot dwell on the Supreme Being who is the cause for all these worlds.

The Power of Love!

Age of Brahma is mind boggling!

We need to go into the fundamentals of origins of the Universe. There is clear reference in the Vedic scriptures and Puranas, how the universe originated, sustained and annihilated? In the Bagawata Purana, there is mention about aeon or Yugas. Four such Yuga combine to form one Mahayuga and the time scale is 43, 20,000 human years. One thousand such Maha Yugas form the day of Brahma who manages creation! The life of Brahma is one hundred years. Hence the age of Brahma is mind boggling. We cannot even imagine the vastness of creation! As per Hindu Purana, the Universe is periodically created afresh, sustained for the length of each Yuga and then annihilated. Kaliyuga is the last of Mahayuga and we are living in the 51st year of present Brahma. Hence the universe was created umpteen numbers of times, and annihilated each time after a period of many lakhs of years. Hence our present existence on this earth is not an isolated incidence since we had many births previously. Until we exhaust all the previous effects, rebirth is necessary. Once we nullify all the past effects of good and bad, we become eligible for release from this mortal world.

We take birth in this world for achieving immortality which is possible only through self-realization or merger in god’s consciousness. As the rivers merge in the sea, one day we too will attain perfection and enter the Kingdom of God to be one with HIM.

Creation is continuous play of the Supreme!

Do you feel that the present life is finite?

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