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The uniqueness of Baba and Nyonya

Updated on February 24, 2016

Origins of the Peranakan Chinese
Society also known as Baba Nyonya Peranakan and they are the minority, believed to come from Malacca. Baba and Nyonya Peranakan Chinese in Malacca is where their ancestors came and married local women. These people are mostly derived from the Hokkien province, China who migrated to Malacca Malacca 600 years ago when famous as a trading center.

These mixed marriages gave birth to China's unique culture and Malay tradition. At first they came to Malacca to trade and find a job and married a local woman where boys and girls called the Baba Nyonya called.

inheriting tradition
Baba and Nyonya community has inherited a bit of Malay culture in particular. So up to now there are still people who make the Baba and Nyonya community practices and principles in their daily lives.

Many taboos and beliefs of the community has assimilated the culture of Baba and Nyonya community. This situation has shown that the Baba and Nyonya have the same similar to the Malay community.

The language used
Melaka Baba Nyonya community in fluent Malay and in accordance with the historical facts related to the blood descendants of Malays in which they are proficient in languages ‚Äč‚Äčother than English. In addition to using English in their everyday speech can also speak Hokkien.


Most of them dressed in sarong kebaya and batik inherited from their ancestors. while on the spiritual and religious aspects they have a lot in common with the Chinese.


These communities are very popular with a variety of traditional dishes that are so yummy and interesting where you have in common with Malay dishes.
Most of them dress blouse, gloves and the like, which is the traditional clothing of their ancestors.
They eat with their hands and curry dishes are a favorite of this community. Dishes such as cooking fat, Sour, and shrimp paste into everyday passions.


Baba and Nyonya community still believes in fortune-telling and talisman. Normally, they went to the shaman when a baby is always crying incessantly. They believe that their child has been interrupted by spirits or ghosts. Their goal keepers went to for help banish spirits or ghosts or remove them from interfering with their children.

The mother can not leave the house at dusk. At that time said to Satan, demons, and ghosts began to roam. They believe that a pregnant mother's blood eldest son very liked by vampires and langsuir. In case had also come out, the mother is required to carry items made of iron, including a knife to scare ghosts.
In addition, the Baba and Nyonya also believe in traditional medicine in the treatment of disease. For example, in diseases of measles or 'Chicken Pox', Baba and Nyonya community will meet with a shaman to get a cure for drinking water and water used for bathing.


The research has described the Baba and Nyonya had underlie their lives with Malay culture particularly dear dondang chanted in certain ceremonies only and when required. For generations now, music is traditionally characterized as poetry or why that is popular with the Baba and Nyonya a moment ago has been reduced.

Baba and Nyonya community still strong Malay way of life up to now. They love to leave it so unique culture only. They are willing to defend the Baba and Nyonya culture. The mixing of cultures and customs between the Chinese and Malay communities have proven to be closeness and solidarity that exists in the community, but still practice the Malay culture in society.


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