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The unseen base is the Self!

Updated on March 29, 2013

The manifest!

The Self supports the Cosmos and creation!

We cannot delve on great minds since our capacity is less. Moreover our mind and intellect are found lacking in the realm of self. These instruments are primarily for earthly life and existence. In the realm of spirit, our mind can never venture. Mind is just a speck when compared to the Self. Though the mind wields great power in the realm of man, it becomes dump and deaf before the Self. The reason is simple. The mind has emanated from the Self and it derives its power only from the Self. It cannot act independently. All the powers of man came from the Self alone. Likewise the entire creation derives its strength only from the Self and not from anything else. Earth, air, water, fire and sky emanated from the Cosmic Self. Hence man cannot boast for any of his achievements here since all the powers are derived from the self and not inherent in man. Likewise the power of discrimination, intellect and choice are gifted by the self. But man boasts himself as supreme creature with full of knowledge and wisdom. We have safely forgotten that man is part of creation and he acts on the premise of the Self.

For instance, we have got many gadgets in the world today, which helps mankind to lead a comfortable and care free life. No doubt that the scientific community exerted their brain power in the innovations and came up with many wonderful gadgets. We can get powerful lights which lit the interior of the house, the roads and the pathways. We have fans, air conditioners, heaters and micro wave ovens which makes living a pleasure. Again we have the computers, TV, audio and video players which perform number of tasks. Can we operate the gadgets without the aid of electricity or battery or solar power? The answer is obvious. Without electricity, our life will come to stand still. The gadgets are no doubt sophisticated, but they need electrical power to function. Even for charging the batteries, we need electricity. Likewise the Self acts as the electricity which passes through all beings, activate them.

Let us consider one more example. There is a beautiful and costly car manufactured with the latest technological skills. But every car needs a driver to drive the car. The Self is akin to the driver of the car. Our bodies and mind cannot function on its own. It is energized by the power of the Self like the electricity. Man may have thinking capacity and decision making skills. But these faculties are the result of the self which activates every atom of the body and brain. Many functions within our body are involuntary like the heart beats, blood circulation and the function of kidneys and lungs. We can only eat the food. But the food is digested and getting converted into muscles and energy by some unseen power. Scientists can only postulate theories about the functions of various limbs and glands of the body. They are in dark regarding the source of all these powers. They simply say, “It is nature”. A biologist or botanist can never make a simple leaf of a plant. It is so intricate. How everything evolves is really mind boggling. The scientists have found out the relationship between sun’s rays and growth of the plant. How the Sun glows for billions of years emitting tons of energy and heat which enable us to live in this world is still a mystery. What the scientists invent is only infinitesimal whereas what the scientists are not aware is huge. The source for everything in this astounding world is only the Self which is otherwise called “God or Almighty”. Not a leaf can flutter without his will!


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