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The value of man!

Updated on September 1, 2013

Man possess no inherent power!

Has ‘zero’ got any value? This is intriguing. Though zero has no inherent value, it gains value when it is preceded by the number ‘one’ or any multiples of the number ‘one. When the number one precedes the zero, values accrue to the zero according to the place in the number. More such zeros after number one gains more value. Let me explain this in a different way!

All the individuals are like the zeros in the number system. The number ‘one’ represents God. When standing alone without God, we have no values at all. When God is given the first priority in our life, our life too gains more and more value.

Now the next question arises. How the individual acts? Has the individual got the power to act on its own? It is the power vested by God on the individual beings that enable him to act, think, reason and deliberate. But he foolishly thinks that all the capacities are possessed by him. Neither has he assumed all the powers by himself. There is a force behind everything in the world. Look at the world around you. Can you count the number of galaxies around you? Even the scientists with the most sophisticated electron microscopes could peep only a little in the space. Space has no boundaries. All the planets including the earth are suspended like balls by some unknown powers. How they are held in their respective places is the greatest miracle.

But man boasts himself for all his achievements either in studies or profession or in research. We now hear more about ‘Robots’. There is a separate discipline called ‘robotics’ which pertains to the design and assembling robots for different tasks. Everyone knows that ‘robots’ are assembled by specialists in mechatronics. They are like mini computers programmed to perform certain actions repeatedly as per the timings. Hence they are used in assembly sections of automobile industries and other such mechanical tasks where perfection with speed is the essential requirement. Human beings tend to slow down and they lose their focus after repeated mechanical actions. Hence robots are used everywhere. Now for performing certain complex surgeries robotics are used in medical fields.

Now I will ask one simple question. Are the robots are capable of performing actions by themselves? It is Yes, and No. The answer is ‘yes’ with regard to the capabilities of the robots. The answer is ‘No’ since they require power to perform which is either embedded with batteries or connected to the power sources. We use lights, fans, air conditioners and refrigerators in the house. Suppose there is no power supply. How lights will glow? How the fans will rotate? How the Air conditioner will function? Though they are designed for certain specific purposes, but the electricity is essential for functioning of all these appliances. Likewise, all individuals are blessed with various capacities but he will act only if there is life in the body. If there is no life in the body, all the movements cease and there is brain death!

Hence, God is the Prime mover of the Universe and individuals. Through his power, the world functions and the myriads are beings act. Hence man should never pride himself to be the cause of all his capacities. It is a natural power bequeathed by God on all human beings. He should realize that he acts as per the grace and blessings of the creator. He has no control over his death and other events that is going to happen to him in different times. If he relies on the powers of God, he can remain at peace. If he chooses to function as per his own will, without relying upon God, he will suffer defeat and distress which is caused by the Ego and pride.

One and zero; God and man!


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    • profile imageAUTHOR


      5 years ago from Chennai in Tamilnadu, India.

      Thank you manatita44 for the nice comments.

    • manatita44 profile image


      5 years ago from london

      You present excellent arguments and I guess some do need this. Yet another way of approaching Truth. I commend you for your input.


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