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The visible world is an illusion like the mirage in the desert!

Updated on January 22, 2013

Shirdi Baba in procession!

What we see is not real!

The world is a mystery. Human life on this earth is more mystery. Then how we can remain at peace in this bewildered condition? Hence the sages and saints of the ancient India engaged in rigorous austerities in deep jungles for thousands of years to know about these intriguing problems that affect human life. They were utterly selfless and they had no personal ambition in pursuing their quest. Finding their search as ‘genuine’, The Supreme Brahman illumined their mind with the basic truths of creation. Subsequently, they averred that there is only ONE and that power is the be all and end all. The creation is in fact, an idea of the Supreme mind! The Advaitins (One who practice monism) asserts that there is only One and there is no two! The creation is an illusion conceived by the mind. The mind owes its existence through a body. In fact, the mind emanated from the Cosmic Brahman. When it came out, we term it as creation. When it is one with the Supreme, we call it the immutable.

Brahman is all alone since there was no second thing beyond it. In fact, it is the only Truth which exists for ever and it has no birth or death. It was not created by any since it is the only eternal Truth. Bodies take birth and die which is akin to the pictures falling on the pure white screen. The senses play havoc since they delude the individual by its sensory attractions. The philosophers assert that the creation is like a mirage in the desert. It is not real. But those who travel in desert are anxious about water source due to extreme thirst. Suddenly they visualize a distant lake. It was only an illusion. Those who chase the unreal mirage get exhausted since they could not go near the lake in spite of travelling miles in the hot desert!

Even though it is an illusory existence, the Supreme pervades all this creation and transcends it. For instance, there are many small pots which contain little water and kept in the open. We see the reflections of the Sun in each single pot. We are all aware that the Sun is one for the entire world. How come we see so many suns in the pots? It is mere reflection of the one Sun above. Likewise in the individual conscious, the one Supreme Brahman is reflected as the Sun. These examples in this illusory universe enable us to understand the One.


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