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The waking state is also an "illusion"!

Updated on December 26, 2012


Which is Real?

A hub must be useful to the reader. It must elevate his thoughts. With this object in view, I share with my readers many beautiful philosophical subjects. A buffet must be shared with all. Our ancient philosophers, sages and saints have discovered many fine truths. They are meant for adoption in life. Simple reading for time passing sake is of no use. Philosophy is for Life and living. Philosophy guides us towards higher truths. All that is connected with this mundane life are only facts and not truths. Philosophy treats this mundane world as a great illusion!

Many readers may say that they perceive the world with their senses and how we can say that they are illusions. One may say, ‘I perceive the world with my eyes, I hear the sound produced, I smell the flowers, I perceive the silken touch. How any body can say they are illusions? Right question, but listen to me the views expressed in various scriptural and philosophical texts. We all go to sleep in the night. Most of us get dreams during our sleep. Though our body is lying in rest on the cot, there is an inner world unfolding in front of us. We go to various places, meet our friends, dine and dance with them. Even we feel anger with some people during dream. Every thing looks very real, but how long is the question. Here in the bed, your eyes are closed, your ear do not listen any thing from the external world. Yet you visualize things and persons as though they were real. At times, we are very much frightened by some horrible experiences during the dream and the very fear wakes us up! We find ourselves in the bed, panting and sweating due to the threatening experience in the dream. On waking we find that every thing is dream or illusion of the mind. Here your normal senses were resting and there is no input from them. But there are dream senses with which you tasted food, you heard music, you embraced your girl friend and the experience seems very much real during dream.

If you think about the above experience, you will be perplexed. You said that your senses conveyed the inputs through sense organs during waking state and you take it as convincingly real. Now there is a set of dream experience, during the time when your body and senses are at rest. How you perceived the dream experience without the inputs from the senses? Now philosophy and scriptures provide the answers. During waking, every thing looks so much real but during the sleep, the waking experience is negated and you experience the dream. After waking, you find that the dream experience is false. Both the experiences are not real. Yes, the waking state is also an illusion. But there is a ‘perceiver’ who experience the waking, dreaming and sleeping states. He never changes. He alone is Real and all else is ‘illusion’. The experiencer alone is real and the experiences are illusion. The one who witness both the state is called “SELF OR ATMA’. He is common to all beings. The Self is ever existing, eternal principle. It is full of Bliss! This is the supreme teaching of Vedanta or scriptural texts propounding the Vedas


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