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The war between my spirit and my soul

Updated on April 24, 2011

The war between my spirit, and my soul:

Who! Who! Who will help to end this tremendous war? Oh! My spirit and my soul are at war. What a mutual war. They fight for a reason so sweet, complicated, and mysterious on its own. Since the creator, himself, decided to allow this ethereal mutual war, who else will be the adjudicator?

The mortals are oblivious of this war because most of them settled for a theological doctrine which is right and acceptable only within their various settings. Some sects do not even accept the concept of a soul or a spirit so they will never know of a war that does not exist to them. Those that accept the concept of a spirit and a soul have assigned diverse theories to it. So based on these theories a spirit or a soul can, after life, go to hell or heaven or reincarnate or, even, inherit the earth as spirits, mortals or whatever.

My soul wants to reincarnate and help humanity over and over again.

My soul wants to serve God by serving humanity.

My soul wants to reincarnate to make amends for his past mistakes and improve the lots of mankind by showcasing good deeds, if the amendment is successful in each circle.

O! What a circle of lives with no definite beginning and ending point.

Oh! My soul, how can you make amends for your past mistakes in these circles, if you do not query and embark on the mysterious quest to know where you stopped and who you really are? None of your past will be revealed to you expect you seek and that is the pain of it all because many people are not willing to seek and only few people claim to have found the past after they sought. The command has always been, “awake the giant that sleepth in you.”

My spirit does not want pass this way twice after this journey.

My spirit wants to ascend to heaven and rest after completing his earthly journey and assignment.

My spirit wants to live permanently in a street of gold and dine continually at the heavenly table for it is free for all to serve themselves.

My spirit wants to receive the reward of his earthly labour.

O! my spirit does not want to labour over and over again but must be paid and rewarded according to his works for a labourer is worthy of his pay.

Oh! My spirit, nobody has ever gone to heaven and returned to confirm this heavenly ecstasy. Those that claim to have seen heaven do so by visions, revelations, and dreams. Even those that claim to have been to heaven do not want to die and go to heaven.

Oh! My spirit, remember that some of them claimed that they also saw hell by such means and they cried “hell is real.” So my spirit your inheritance can either be heaven or hell based on your deeds. The wonderful thing is that those in African settings that received similar revelations, dreams, and visions before the advent of foreign religion did not see any white Angels but they claimed they saw their ancestors.

I cannot stop the war because I am only a body.

I am a flesh and they can condemn me to hell for they said, the flesh must give way for the spirit and the soul to excel.

Oh! If a  body should go to hell, then my body will need a preacher in hell for transformation and repentance may still be possible in hell.

Please, are there preachers in hell?

Please, is repentance still possible in hell?

But if any of my body or my spirit or my soul will sleep forever in unconsciousness or inherit the earth after this earthly journey, then is there any pain to rest and sleep forever in peace and miss the excepted earthly paradise? And what is the pain for my bad deeds?

An unborn child confirmed the horror created by the mutual war for an unborn child though filled with wisdom comes to earth with a clean slate only for others to tell him what to write in it for his own wisdom was lost at birth. Yet when some of these children succeed to recall their inherent wisdom and refuse to follow the path laid down by others, people will speak of them with rancor despite such obstacles most of them succeeded to open new ways for humanity, though their ways may conflict with one another and the already known ways. They always leave a mark in the sand of time by their unusual deeds. They exploit new grounds which others, later, learn to follow.

“Thank you father for you have hidden all these to the wise and prudent but revealed it to babes”

The various theories set before me have caused a war between my soul, and my spirit and I can not stop this mutual war because I am only a body that must give way, someday. Yet, I know that even as the war continues and gets more intense, each day, while the creator refuses to intervene for it is said, he gave us freewill.

I trust someday there will be peace between my spirit, and my soul for “what we see is temporal; but what we do not see is eternal.” I shall not fear who wins the mutual war because my spirit is my soul and my soul is my spirit.


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    • davidkaluge profile image

      davidkaluge 6 years ago

      Dave, the work portary the various theories like reincarnation, heaven, hell, and paradise on earth. It is a conflicting theories and that is the conflict above as the mortals can choose any theory. Thanks for your contribution.

    • Dave Mathews profile image

      Dave Mathews 6 years ago from NORTH YORK,ONTARIO,CANADA

      David: I"m not so sure that our inner soul and our immortal spirits can be in conflict with each other?