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The wisdom of our ancestors is superior!

Updated on June 27, 2016

Mood changes during the day!

Planetary influences on human beings!

Have you ever watched how time flows in one day in your life? The twenty four hours do not pass in the same way! I am not talking about the minutes and hours but about the mood changes one experiences hour to hour! During some day, the beginning will be brisk and energetic. When the day proceeds, it becomes average and dull. Yet on some days, the beginning may not be that much encouraging. But as day advances, one may find himself in cheerful mood! What is the reason? Many factors go into our mood changes. First is food and environment. Second, the planets above, which are always on the move. Whether one believe the connections between planets and human moods, our ancient astronomers have found several coincidences in human life with reference to planetary movements.

One clear example is ‘full moon day’ when the tides are high in the ocean. Secondly there is aggravation is mental activities of patients suffering from mental diseases! It is written in the scriptures that moon is representing the mind. While the Sun represents the Soul, moon represents the mind! The seafarers and fishermen are well aware of the tidal activities during full moon days. Our scientists have again proved that the Sun is emitting much kind of rays which are harmful to human beings. In a way, the ozone layers protect humanity from such catastrophes. One phenomenon still baffles many people around the world is “Bermuda triangle” situated in some part of the globe! Many aircrafts, ships and other things mysteriously vanished in the region of ‘Bermuda triangle” Even after many years, there is no trace of the missing air crafts or vessels. This was noticed during the World War and subsequent periods. It is a mystery which is not solved yet! Astrologers believe that the Longitude and Latitude of the Bermuda triangle region has something to do with the tragedies. It may be mysterious magnetic waves in that region!

Astrology and astronomy!

Our forefathers were experts in many areas!

Hence we cannot simply negate such theories! In many religions, auspicious time is selected for celebrating marriages, housewarming ceremonies and naming function for new born babies. We cannot simply ignore them as superstitious. In fact, our forefathers were far more intelligent than the present generation of highly educated and sophisticated folks. The present generation is mostly ‘paper tigers’ and they are superficial in their achievements. For instance, today we use number of scientific instruments, calculators and computers to calculate the positions of planets, stars and other phenomena in the space! Ancient astrologers who relied on certain formulae calculated the occurrences of eclipses to the exact minute and degrees! How they calculated such minute occurrences without looking at the zodiac positions of planets. They relied upon stanzas from the Veda texts. “Atharva Veda contained all secrets about astrology, medicine and other secret knowledges. In fact, even the construction of air borne vehicles was possible for the earlier generations who lived in the Dwapara and Treta Yuga!

Hence we can never assume ourselves as superior to earlier generations because of scientific advancements! In fact, our forefathers chanted mystic formulae to achieve many feats. Today man relies on contraptions. Terrible wars were fought during the previous ages by sending arrows reinforced with mystic chants. Some arrows produced intense fire, some arrows produced deluge of rain and yet some arrows made the people to swoon! By using simple herbs, they have cured many diseases. They have even conducted certain simple surgeries by holding the patients tightly since there was no anesthesia during the time. With primitive health care, people lived hale and healthy with many octogenarians and nonagenarians. They led simple life, consuming healthy foods, toiling in the fields to produce rice and other grains. They reared cattle for their milk. They periodically propitiated demigods by conducting fire rituals. Temple worship is an important part of their life. Temple festivals were conducted periodically and everyone had faith in the scriptures and god! Hence people were leading peaceful and harmonious life.

Fancy gadgets

Fancy things attract the present generation!

Today, fancy things have occupied the life of modern man. Even children handle smartphones and tablets with ease. Most of the time, they spend their time with gadgets and TV shows. When the media is full of negative content, how those children will learn good things? The parents are the worst sufferers. They find it difficult to tame the unruly children. In course of time, many children leave their home unable to cope up with the conditions laid down by the parents or teachers! Hence, the society is riddled with crimes and perversions which snowball into immorality! When the parents are unable to control the behavior of their wards, how the society or leaders will tackle them?

Once again we need Sunday classes run by the Churches, moral education integrated with school education and service camps once a year to serve the poor and indignant persons in the nearby localities, especially remote villages. School and College students can pool up their knowledge and expertise in providing certain basic needs of the villagers. They can solicit the help of medical practitioners, paramedics and other staff to conduct free medical camps and eye camps. The villagers lack basic knowledge of hygiene and cleanliness. Food and clothing could be distributed to the needy persons.

Even now, many social service organizations conduct periodic medical camps and food distribution. The mentality of the people has to change drastically to usher a new age!


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