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The woes of the world can be mitigated only by the supreme power!

Updated on October 5, 2013

The present condition of the world and recent teachings of Saints!

The savior of human beings, takes birth in every society!

The world is turbulent today due to many reasons. The mind of most of the people is confused. There is no clarity about anything. The future looks bleak for many people around the world. The most secured economy of United States is in shambles. Many are already undergoing the problems of recession that started in 2008. Adding fuel to fire, the present stalemate in the Congress portends a gloomy future for cash flow and unemployed.

If we examine the cases of other third world countries, there are many problems like population growth, paucity of resources, unemployment problems, food security and health. Any problem in the US starts affecting the entire world due to Dollar linked trade. Hence the world economy is dependent to an extent on US economy.

Now, let us examine the main reasons for above. Political one-upmanship, not bothered about the welfare of the common man, sheer greed for power and wealth- these seems to be the main reasons behind the sad condition of the world today. There is a fundamental ignorance in the minds of people about the Unity of entire mankind in spirit. Now, the world has conveniently forgotten the basic and fundamental philosophy of faith in God and scriptures. Our ancestors were not ignorant fools. They sacrificed their comforts and family for the sake of the entire humanity.

They tried to find the reasons behind many of the ills that pester human society. There is no harmony in human mind or order in the Nations. The mighty in the society wielded much power and subdued the legitimate wishes of the common public. Power seekers raise their ugly head in every society around the world. This reveals the selfish nature of those power mongers.

In spite of all that is negative, there are certain positive streaks like lightening among the dark clouds. There are some dedicated and silent workers who serve the society. Their activities are not made public since they shun publicity. In every society, we can find such dedicated volunteers who share their precious time and energy for the good of society.

Much talk is going on about ecology and climate control. The pollution is manmade. It is again the greed of man which resulted in deforestation for the sake of industries which again deplete our natural resources. Water has become a scarce commodity. There is a forecast about ‘Water wars between Nations. Already in India, there is fierce fight going on for sharing of waters. Due to population growth and industrial needs, the available quantity of water has become scarce. Though each government is formulating many schemes for harnessing water, due to poor planning, much of the water drains in the ocean. Original tank beds have been converted into housing sites by the realtors. Hence, in many of the places in most of the days, women are seen fighting for drinking water and they have started agitating against the authorities by blocking the roads, exhibiting empty vessels.

Second scarce resource is energy or power generation. Since power generation is mainly coal based, there is lot of exploitation of earth surface due to mining. There is an illegal mining activity that goes on with the connivance of politicians and bureaucrats.

Solutions to the above problems lie in human conscious. We wear the common name as human beings but we terribly lack human values or qualities or virtues enshrined in the scriptures of the world. “All are One, Be alike to everyone” This single axiom is the most neglected one in human society. Even the Religious people, who evince faith in the scriptures, do not follow this simple guideline. Even within a family, there is no such thing as co-ordination or co-operation or mutual trust. Money rules the mind of people. Everybody has become selfish and self-centered and they do not care about others anymore.

At this juncture, humanity badly needs a “Messiah” or Avatar, who can deliver us from the abysmal condition. Everywhere around the world, such noble souls takes birth at appropriate times to set right the condition of the world and lead people by hand by their kind counsel and their own life. Yes, we emulate the conduct of noble people, saints and sages at some periods of life. When one is dejected or depressed, he naturally seeks the help of such saints and Avatars. We had many such persons like Jesus, Mohammad, Buddha and Mahavir. Also in the present century, there are many renowned saints like Ramakrishna, Vivekananda, Yogananda, Ramana, Ramatirtha and Sivananda. They were really spiritual luminaries.

If we go through their biographies, it reveals the selfless nature of the above people. They came especially for the sake of humanity. They had no personal agenda other than illumining the ignorant about the aim of life and ethical living.

In the recent, we had Sathya Saibaba who spent his entire life spanning 85 years for uplifting the conditions of poor and downtrodden all over the world. He considered every one as his own and hence his universal love and philosophy attracted people from all over the globe. Till his last breath in human frame, i.e. until 24th April 2011, he physically guided the devotees and students towards ethical and moral life. Though he is absent in physical form, his cosmic vibrations guide many a seeker around the world. Spontaneous manifestations of holy ash in his photos, many replicas of deities in various materials manifested themselves from the places of worship and even certain written scripts to guide the devotees are normal feature in such places. These manifestations occur in most remote places like Newziland, UK, Malaysia, China and Japan. The only condition is Faith in God and sincerity. Faith moves mountains and this has been proved time and again in many places.


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