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Who named Eve? Adam's faith

Updated on August 22, 2016

Man and Woman were Adam

Adam was male & female
Adam was male & female | Source

God made man, male and female He made them

Almost everyone I know makes this statement ‘In the beginning when it was just Adam and Eve’. I even still catch myself using it and I know its not completely accurate.

In the beginning it was Adam. God put Adam to sleep and took a rib from his side and made woman, not Eve, at least not yet. Now just bear with me, this is really a neat reflection or manifestation of Gods authority operating in Man. God made woman from Adam, or God made two out of one, Now man and woman were both Adam. Adam was man and woman.

I like to think that God separated the womb of Adam and made womb-man or woman, but that’s just me playing with words although it fits. Therefore Adam became man and woman, male and female.

Later when the serpent came to temp Adam in the garden he chose to come to the woman. He came to the woman with a lying statement or 'seed'. I think he purposely came to the womb of Adam to sow the lie in Adam through ‘the female’.

You women might enjoy the fact that it was not, or at least not only that the woman was the weaker vessel but that she was the womb of man, the place to sow seed into Adam.

So when the seed (which was a lie, John 8:44) was believed it manifested itself into the man and woman’s conscience causing them to feel ashamed and separated from their creator. So the baby (spiritually speaking) that the lie gave birth to was an ‘accused heart’ in both Man and Woman.

Later when God shows up and they are no where to be found cause they were hiding. God cries out “Adam!, where are you!” They were still both Adam to Him, not Adam and Eve.

Then of course they come out and tell Him they were naked, afraid and hid themselves. He asked them “Who told you, that you were naked?”, “Did you eat of the tree I told you not to eat of”, and of course they came out and told the whole story.

Adam Hiding from the Voice of God

Curses or Blessings?

Then came the curses?, or do I mean the Blessings? When God started declaring to man and woman how things were to be now it was not a curse, He was only releasing hope to a fallen, hopeless Adam.

Sense Adam had been given dominion over the earth, then Adam had cursed the earth. God was releasing faith and hope so man could toil the earth so as to get it to produce herb, because they needed to eat. No more free food, but they could live. The woman still could bare children, it would just be hard now, but she would experience the joy of bringing life into the earth. She would also have to look to her husband for strength and protection. If God not made a way of hope again then it is very possible that the man and woman would be dead very soon, having never lived in a place of extreme guilt and hopelessness.

Adam the man names the woman Eve


Adam Gives His Wife a Name

Then came the promise of a redeemer, this one He promised to the serpent which had accused God to the woman. He promised a savior to be brought into the world by the womb of woman. The very same gender that Satan had used to bring the lie into their hearts. Talk about a slap in the face. God will always use what seems hopeless to confound the lies. Well after God’s discourse of revelation and promises the man and woman had hope again. Faith started rising in their hearts, and like in a burst of excitement Adam the man stood up and declared to the woman "You are Eve!".

For at least a moment Adam and God were in oneness again, Adam had agreed with God and declared what God had spoken. Confirmation was in the earth now, a redeemer was on the way. God shouted as if proud of his creation again and said "So be it!!"

So the man Adam named the woman Adam "Eve" in an act of faith to the hope God was releasing to them.


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    • Tony L Smith profile image

      Tony L Smith 16 months ago from Macon

      thanks for your comment frumpleton, you might be talking way above my head, albeit interesting stuff. Maybe I'll see something along that line now that you opened it up to me

    • profile image

      frumpleton 16 months ago

      Your article was interesting, but it makes me think of HOW Eve was created. Since men and women both have the same number of ribs, she was cloned. We don't yet know how to clone something from one sex to another (yet). The other thing is, why all embryos start off as females. It is a hormone that is secreted after conception that decides if you are male or female. Then, there is the xx chromosome and the xy. Where did the "y" come from? And why does a male have an "x"? Maybe a woman was created first, since females are the default sex? Anyway, I like your article.

    • Tony L Smith profile image

      Tony L Smith 6 years ago from Macon

      thanks Pamela. Its interesting that Jesus was pierced in His side probally the area where a rib would be taken, maybe the church?

    • Pamela99 profile image

      Pamela Oglesby 6 years ago from United States

      This seems to be an accurate description of what we are told in the Bible except I believe it does say that God made Eve from the rib of Adam which kind of seems a minor point compared to ruling the world. The rest of the story I think is the same as I understand it. I liked your hub and its a good topic.

    • Tony L Smith profile image

      Tony L Smith 6 years ago from Macon

      thanks Tamarajo, we serve an awesome God who really likes to show us stuff, sometimes just because.

      I gonna make time to read some more of your hubs, I like the titles

      Bless you sis

    • Tony L Smith profile image

      Tony L Smith 6 years ago from Macon

      Mattmilamii, thanks for your comments. Yeah sense her came from his body, he musta said what Mike Warenke implied "Wo!Man!"

      Bless you brother

    • Tamarajo profile image

      Tamarajo 6 years ago

      wow...loved this revelation. So much symbolism with useful application.

    • mattmilamii profile image

      Matthew Milam II 6 years ago from Chicago - Be A Blessing... Become A Hand Of God

      Dear Tony,

      Biblically it fits. I once heard another interpretation that tried to suggest that man and woman co-existed in the same body from the beginning, but then why would scripture state that God created woman from the rib of man. I wonder what other feedback will come from your readers.