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The wonderful creation and evolving human beings!

Updated on April 1, 2014

Evolution so far!

Human beings, how they evolve?

How far human life has evolved since the dawn of civilization? From the cave man to the present day computer technologist, there was a quantum jump. But most of the evolution has taken place only during the past six decades or so. Especially, the past two decades has seen marvels in information technology, internet and mobile technology. For millions of years, there was negligible growth in inter communications. People were not aware of the existence of human beings in other parts of the world. Vast oceans separated countries and nations. Only some daring adventurists like Columbus and others have spotted distant landscapes beyond the oceans. They braved the oceans to reach the other shores in primary vessels. They had to invent many ways to advance forward in the same directions. Otherwise, they would have ended in their own lands at some other places.

The invention of boats and small ships which contained only some basic navigation facilities has not taken the adventurist far. The invention of campus, watch, and some basic astronomical skills enabled them to reach far off places. Just compare the cave man with the present day man. Primary cave man used only signs and symbols to communicate. There was no language to communicate. Only certain sounds were used to call others and communicate the presence of wild animals etc. The invention of fire is really a great leap in the life of cave man. Until then, they were consuming raw meat etc. A chance invention of fire and the roasted birds and animals in the jungle fire enabled him to appreciate the difference in raw and cooked meat. From then onwards, he started using fire to bake or cook his food.

There were ‘tablets’ in the ancient days! Yes, they were clay tablets with some symbols to mark which enabled them to understand certain things. After millions of years of human evolution and civilization, paper was invented in china to indicate alphabets and symbols. In ancient civilization, the cave man has left some designs and drawings on the walls of the cave. They were the figures of animals, man and women. We can assume those cave men were far advanced to draw those figurines on the walls of the caves. It is really a wonder how the language evolved from mere symbols and signs? Today, we have trillions of printed pages in the computer servers all over the world on almost all subjects on earth. How the web and internet has connected nations in split of seconds and how our mail messages reach the other part of the globe in less than a second is still a mystery. Without the telephone network, this could not have happened. Nowadays, satellites play a vital role to transmit data anywhere on the earth. There are deep sea ocean cables which connect continents. Radio communications and wireless networks play a great role in mobile technology.

Prior to the era of cave man, the world existed in a different aeon (yuga). During each such yuga, there was evolution even superior to the computer age, we go through. Several Kingdoms existed in ancient world in the previous aeon. Archeologists, the world over are surprised at the artifacts that existed millions of years ago which was engulfed by the ocean tides. For instance in Gujarat coast of Western India, the remnants of ancient Dwaraka is found by marine archeologists. In fact, the period of Dwaraka is during the previous yuga. Hence, we can safely conclude that the origin of human civilizations dates back to many billions of years ago. Once a yuga (time cycle) is concluded, there was a deluge which consumed everything. It is known as ‘yuga pralaya’- the deluge on the conclusion of one aeon. Hence, creation starts afresh in each aeon and naturally they are from primitive states like the cave man. Even the present “Kaliyuga” has to end after conclusion of 4, 32,000 years of which already 5100 years have elapsed. At the end of this yuga, there will be one more deluge concluding this cycle of time. This goes on forever and none knew when the cycle of creation commenced.

Our brain contains all details of creation, but we are aware of only a minute part of the present since we are not capable of retrieving all data from the brain. Only a very few yogis and sages could delve on the past. The world is a mystery. The human life is still more mystery.


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