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The wonderful creation and the incredible creator!

Updated on July 29, 2016

And God said...

It is really a wonder!

We will be wondering, how a single power control the entire cosmos, the movement of various planets in the sky, the nature and its manifold varieties of being each one distinct from other! No two leaves in a plant are similar. How much intelligence might have gone into the creation, sustenance and dissolution? Is it not mind boggling and brain storming? For example, the scientists and researchers working in their lab, toil for more than eighteen hours a day for years are still grappled with many problems. They use all the modern instruments, assisted with a computer network to arrive at some solutions. We have hundreds of disciplines in the research world. The Ph.D. aspirant works on a minute subject and proves some theory!

We have many major branches of studies besides Arts and Literature. They are broadly divided into Biosciences, Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Astronomy, Geology, Oceanography and space sciences which include propulsion system and rockets. Then there is agriculture, medicine, dental studies and veterinary sciences. The recent inclusions are Information Technology, which includes computers and internet. Smartphones are the latest technology additions. Communication itself is a very vast subject comprising various modes like landline and wireless radio networks which enable the mobile communications. Within that there are optical fibers, microwave transmissions and wired communication like landline etc. There is plant world, insects, fishes and other aqua oriented lives. Then there are varieties of birds and animals. How many varieties are there in each category? Really creation is beyond human comprehension.

Wonderful creation

The incomparable power of the creator!

Let us take the case of a family. How much planning goes into the sustenance of the family? The head of the family toils all day to earn money to keep his family in health and comforts. Running one family is not a simple affair as everyone is aware. What about the universal families with billions of mouths to feed and sustained. This responsibility rests with the creator and for billions of years, the creation, sustenance and annihilation goes on without any hitch! How many super computers are needed to keep everything in place? What about the involuntary heart beats of many beings in this world, the miles of blood circulation through major veins as well as minute capillaries? Who has enabled all this invisibly? Rationalists will affirm it is all natural. They feel that this answer is enough.

Once, Saibaba has asked the students of his collage, “Who is the invisible traffic policeman who mans the heaven, regulating the movement of planets, avoiding their collision which will spell disaster to the entire cosmos? The students were unable to answer the riddle. It is obvious that the creator himself is acting as the traffic regulator in the cosmos.

Human beings are so foolish that they dare to spoil the eco system of the space. Many space missions are carried out for the past thirty to forty years and there is no retrieval of the space ship once it has completed its normal life. We can imagine the huge space debris, which is manmade. In addition there are millions of pieces of space debris like asteroids and other parts of huge rocks which were once part of the planetary system, later disintegrated due to many accidents in space. Like the earth, there are huge forces of solar winds, other magnetic forces which act on many stars, black holes and other formations in space. Like the birth of human beings, stars are born, sustained and ultimately dissolve into the black holes. Since all these are beyond human imagination, the sages and saints started praising the supreme power in various verses and chants. Yes, man alone has the capability to wonder at creation and glorify the creator through his words and songs. Songs and choirs have become a part of the prayer meetings held by different religious sects.

Worship the Creator.

His power is like millions of Suns.

What the ancient scriptures say about the creator of the magnificent universe? We are wondering at the power of a single Sun, which sustains the entire earth and sky through its heat and light. God is equated to millions of Suns! He is the source of all energy in this world like heat, light, electricity, magnetism and atomic energy. He is the source of vibration and radiation. We cannot see electricity or magnetism but infer its power through their outcome in lights, fans, refrigeration, motors, pumps and air conditioners. One single current activates many varieties of instruments; each one is different from others. Also, the illumination differs according to the power of the bulbs. Likewise, we observe the effects of magnetism and radiation.

The creator is the source of all energy found in creation. He merely willed the creation and it happened as per His Will. It is His supreme will, which enabled manifold varieties in creation, because of his will; all beings are sustained and finally dissolved. Even the basic elements like the earth, air, water, fire and ether are completely different from each other and possess separate qualities. While earth is solid mass, water is free flowing and occupies the shape of the container. Air is not visible but its movement can be felt through the swaying of trees, the movement of waves in the ocean and in the most severe manifestation as typhoon, tornadoes and gales. Fire burns everything; always the flames rise upwards and give immense heat. The space cannot be perceived or measured except that the space contains everything in the cosmos. Space is infinite and none has so far gauged its all pervasiveness! Also, the space is unaffected by the movement of planets, aero planes, rockets and even atom bombs.

All the above points out to one fact that the creator is beyond human imagination and His powers are immeasurable. He exists forever, full of wisdom and remains in Eternal Bliss. Beings are born and die but the creator is the Eternal base and substance for the entire creation.


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