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The wonderful drama called 'Life"

Updated on December 16, 2015

Drama of Life!

The reality behind our life on earth!

The world drama unfolds before our eyes. We witness scenes after scenes, some tragedy, some comedy and yet some tragic cum comedy. How we react to such drama? We too feel the grief and pain, the actors depict on the drama. When the hero laughs, we too laugh with him, when the heroine weeps inconsolably, we too feel the grief in our heart and tear drops collect in the corners of the eye! Why? What is the reason for our joy and sorrow? Are we not witnessing just a drama? It is a story written by some story teller who doubles as the director of the show. He has skills in makeup, costume design and he is truly a connoisseur of arts. He has directed the actors perfectly; he has planned their dialogue, their facial expressions, and their movements within a scene. Some may appear early on the drama to recede quickly. Some comes in between and lasts till the end of drama. But everything, every little act, the gesture and sigh is the concept of the Director of the show!

What I want to reveal here is one basic truth about the drama show! It is not real but the imagination and skill of the Director cum story teller cum script writer. He is none other than God, who has conceived the great human drama on the stage of earth and sky! Now I would like to tell some basic facts of this drama of human life:

  1. It is not a real act; it is simply a depiction of story by the actors who just follow the instructions of the Director. They enter and exit the scenes as preplanned by the Director. The script is His, the tumbling and turnings of the story are His conception. All the while, the actors knew that they are simply acting the role assigned to them by the Director and they cannot go against even a comma or dot.
  2. What is after all a drama? It is for entertainment of the onlookers. Now in the great drama of life, who are the onlookers except each individual who consider themselves one with the drama? This is the fallacy or fundamental mistake of the onlookers. They are just witness to the acts of scenes and they never undergo either pain or pleasure!
  3. The curious thing is that the Director is also sitting incognito among the witnesses of the great show of life.

All the while, the onlookers are hoodwinked and they take the drama as real and suffer pain and enjoy pleasure as per the various scenes.

This is what Sri Sathya Saibaba has once revealed to the audience at Prasanthi Nilayam! He emphasized that God is the Director of the show, the story and script writer, costumer, and at His Divine will, we all enter into various scenes and exit as per His wish. We only talk the script given to us, making the appropriate gesture. Even the tonal modifications and how we deliver the dialogue is decided by the Director of the show! Then what is our role in this great drama of life? We have to act our role perfectly and earn approbation from the Director at the end of show. This is the reality of our life on earth. The Director will not be seen but at the same time, he watches the entire drama sitting in our heart as the ‘silent witness’ who is absolutely unaffected by the various twists and turns of the drama. Regardless of the outcome of the show, he enjoys his drama!

In the Upanishads, there is a beautiful story depicted about this. There is a tree. Two birds are perching in the tree, one on the top most branch just watching everything with a nonchalant silence.

The bird that is sitting on a lower branch however eats the bitter and sweet fruits there. Sometimes, it looks at the bird on the top which just witnesses the drama. One day, the bird which is engaged in eating the bitter and sweet fruits will go up near the bird at top and may become one with it. The bird at top is the all-pervading Atma or Self and the bird at lower branch is the individual self!

This is really a great drama conceived by Almighty Lord and we are really one with Him. The bird at bottom is really a ‘reflection’ of the bird at top!

Brahma, the creator of the drama!


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    • profile image

      saisarannaga 2 years ago

      Thank you manatita44. The inspiration is His, that is all.

    • manatita44 profile image

      manatita44 2 years ago from london

      Another great and inspirational Hub. Interesting story weaved in with life lessons and great quotes. Sai Ram!