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The work of God is like that of a sculpturer revealing the sculpture out of a block of rock!

Updated on September 3, 2014

God, the sculpturer!

Only an expert sculpturer can visualize the beautiful image of a sculpture hidden in a rock surface. His job is to simply remove the extraneous rock layers above the sculpture. The teacher thus chisels the rock like coverings of students’ intellect. Actually he is not making the student knowledgeable. The student’s intelligence is veiled by the ignorance just like fog covers the atmosphere making visibility poor. The eye surgeon simply removes the cataract that formed in the eye. The water in a pool is covered by algae. Remove the algae and we can clearly see the water. The preceptor too makes us to realize our real nature by removing the illusions and ignorance that cover the mind!

Everyone is innately full of wisdom and knowledge. But many accumulations and impressions during many incarnations cover the wisdom. Wisdom is like the flame of bright light. But if you cover it with thick dark glasses, none can see the light emanating from the flame. God is the brightest flame contained in each heart. But the six fold illusions that cover the flame. Lust, anger, pride, greed and hatred are the main veils that hide the flame emanating inside the heart.

The scriptures talk about the five sheaths that cover the individual. They are the grossest food sheath. The body grows and sustained by the food one eat. As we go on dumping food in the body, it automatically grows. For instance, we daily clean the rooms of dirt and dust. We deposit it in the dust bin. The dust bin fills up once the dust and waste is dumped inside. This is how our body too grows up by dumping food inside. Next comes the vital air sheath. Actually, there circulates in our body five vital airs known as ‘prana, apana, vyana, udana, samana’. Each type of air functions differently. One is for breathing and another for ejaculating and the third one is for extricating and one for digesting and other for circulating blood etc., all these vital airs must work harmoniously inside the human body so that man can remain healthy. The third sheath is ‘mind sheath’. Many of us may not be aware that the mind has three functions in the level of intellect and discrimination, will power or decision making and the ego principle which is centered solely on the body.

Though we consider the mind, as the seat of thinking process, mainly constituting the flow of thoughts, mind functions in the above levels in different names. In fact, the mind is intrinsically connected to the breathing process. Hence, the ancient yogis were practicing breath control, to control the mind and thoughts. Shri Ramana Maharishi, a famous practitioner of Advaita or monism states that the mind and breath originate from the same point. Only when man is able to go beyond the three main sheaths, he can realize the fourth sheath known as ‘vignana maya kosa’. Actually this sheath denotes the esoteric level of the individual which pertains to the inner Self or Atma of the individual.

The final sheath is naturally the bliss sheath. Once an individual is able to go beyond all these covers, he reaches the Bliss state, i.e one with the inner Self.

Hence, one can come face to face with the Self, once he removes the layers that surround the Self. This is like the work of a sculpturer in revealing the beauty of the sculpture once he removes the layers of rock over it.

The five outer covers of the SELF


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    • krishnnaa profile image

      krishnnaa 3 years ago from India

      plse go through my hub, i discussed the same point

    • profile image

      saisarannaga 3 years ago from Chennai in Tamilnadu, India.

      Yes, as per Advaita philosophy, the entire world of beings are within the body of God! Thank you.

    • krishnnaa profile image

      krishnnaa 3 years ago from India

      i think god creates it on its own body...........