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The world badly need course correction by Divine Powers!

Updated on August 2, 2016

Good people around!

Righteousness during this Dark Age!

There are still many holy souls working secretly for the welfare of the entire mankind! Many people may doubt that in these Dark Ages, how some people are engaged in holy deeds, sacrificing their own comforts? Even in this Dark Age, Dharma or Righteousness still stand on one leg! If we imagine Dharma as a cow standing on all four legs during Sathya Yuga, in the present age, righteousness is still there conspicuously and many souls around the world are assiduously guarding the Light of Love in their hearts. God won’t allow humanity to lose in the wilderness of immorality and evil acts. Even in the ancient yuga, there were many demons, bent upon ruining the peaceful existence of many recluses and saints. They purposely hindered their worship and rituals by pouring un-ceremonial things on the fire worshipped by the ritualists.

It was enjoined on the Kings to protect the hermits in forests from harm. Hence, once Sage Viswamitra approached the Emperor Dasaratha for help. He told the King, “I want Rama and Lakshmana to keep guard while I perform the rituals. The demons are always obstructing the rituals by pouring flesh and blood in the sacrificial pits. Dasaratha said; Rama and Lakshmana are young lads, who have no hands on training fighting demons. Instead, I will myself come and stand guard while you perform such rituals. The sage was in no mood to relent. Oh King! If you are willing to send your sons, send! Otherwise I will return to the forest empty handed! The sage was known for his instant anger. Also, while welcoming the sage, the King promised to offer whatever help is needed by the sage! Hence, by refusing to fulfill his promise, the emperor will get bad name! Hence he requested the sage to bear with him and he will instantly call his sons to accompany the sage! Pleased with that assurance, the sage poured praise on the King as the protector of Dharma!

Protect Ecosystems

In previous yuga, righteousness was on firm footings!

This incident happened during Treta Yuga, the second in the aeon after Sathya Yuga. During that period 75% of righteousness prevailed and only 25% evil existed in the world. Now it is the other way round. Only 25% righteousness prevails and 75% immorality and irreligious things happen. People fight wars in the name of religion! Killings and murders takes place due to religious intolerance. Within the same religion, different sects are fighting with each other. Thus we have “Catholics and Protestants in Christianity; Shias and Sunnis in Islam; Saivaites and Vaishnavites in Hinuism! But in each religion there are tolerant people who accommodate one and all. Also, inter religious squabbles are rampant everywhere around the world. Thus there were crusades and other wars fought for many years. Sadly, the West Asian crisis deepens as each day advances.

The unrest in many pockets of the globe is a fertile ground for terrorists! Thus we witness increased activism in terrorist held areas like Iraq and Syria! Nowhere people live in peace anymore. Whether in free democracies or terrorist controlled areas, people suffer due to multifarious causes. There is constant fear in the minds of people living in other places. There are no safer regions anywhere in the world. Danger lurks anywhere around the world!

It is climate change which triggers heavy floods somewhere and perennial draught at other places. Earthquakes have become frequent affairs due to the foolish greed of man. He drills deep bores on the surface of earth exploring for oil and gas. Ecology is the worst affected casualty due to the unbridled greed of human beings. Man ruthlessly cuts the forest wealth for starting many industries. At one end, we lose precious rain, and at other end we spoil the eco system and contaminate the natural resources. Many species of nature become endangered species like the blue whales, dolphins and flamingos. If an intellectual like man spoils the nature around him, it tantamount to cutting the main branches, sitting on the very same branch!

Kalki Avatar, the ultimate savior

Man himself has become an enemy to nature and ecology!

Even the scientists who have not much faith in the creator started worrying about the greenhouse gases and the ultimate destruction man will face! Already there are reports of global warming and melting of ice rocks in Antarctic regions. Even a few centimeter rise a year will submerge many low lying areas around the world. Already, the ocean systems, rivers and lakes faces huge contamination due to manmade disasters. The cruise ships which transport oil, gas and other chemicals through ocean routes discharge large amount of waste and contaminated waters in the ocean surreptiously. If ship carrying oil capsizes, who will restore the contaminated oil surface? Many aquatic creatures rely on the ocean for their survival. When the ocean itself becomes impure, there will be mass destruction of such creatures which plays a vital role in ocean biological systems. With the technological advances and many sophisticated instruments to measure pollution, if man is unable to clean the rivers and oceans, it is a tragedy. Ultimately, man alone will reap all the mishaps. In addition, he is engendering the lives of many other species which are vital for maintaining eco systems.

Clearly, all this point out to the need for revamping the mindset of all people around the world. Though it takes lot of time for transformation of mankind, there is no other alternative. Those who are in no mood to transform will be automatically eliminated during course correction by Divine power!


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