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The world is a dream of God!

Updated on April 18, 2013

He creates and enjoys the Drama of Life!

Dreams are related to imaginations!

When we dream, we consider it as real during the dream interval. Upon waking, we realize that the dreams are never real. Especially after an harrowing dream experience, we find great relief on waking and finding that every thing is an illusion created by the mind. In a way, it is an imagination of the mind. God in the pure state of 'witness' is also 'awareness'. At first, the mind is one with the Self or God before creation commenced. When the mind principle comes out of the Self, desire arises as a will of God. The mind makes God to proclaim "I am alone! Let Me become many! This seed thought develops into creation of all the five basic elements, and all living beings. The pinnacle of creation is the human being who can discriminate and decide, who can imagine and dream too. All of us might have experienced dreams many times during the sleep. In the dream, we undergo myriads of experiences and feel the emotions also.But all the time we are laid up in the bed just like a log of wood. Then who experiences the dream. Dream is the handwork of the mischievous mind. Many unfulfilled desires are lying dormant in our sub conscious mind. They come up during dreams.

In the dream, we go to places, meet many, interact with many and undergo all the experiences of the waking state. We retain our likes and dislikes during the dream and we experience anger and quarrel with some people. It is purely the imagination of the mind and it is never real. In a similar way, the mind principle that emanated from God, weaves dreams after dreams like the creation of phenomenal world and the beings. In the consciousness which is God, many scenes come and go and these are all termed creation and cosmos. They are never real absolutely. They are only relatively real. Just like the dream experience is valid during sleep and the waking experience seems valid during the waking state. But we undergo the states during the night time and day time. The dream experience negates the waking state and the waking experience negates the dream state. Hence they are only relatively real. Hence the entire experiences are only relative to a particular state.

God too hides himself by Maya or Illusion and the mind projects the Cosmos and creation like the dream weaving tendency. It is purely the handiwork of the mind. Otherwise in the pure state of Advaita or Monism God alone is and there is no creation or cosmos. This is akin to the pure white screen seen in the cinema halls before the commencement of the show. After conclusion of the show, the screen alone remains. This analogy will clarify the point that the world is but a dream of God. Still God is only 'Awareness', pure consciousness. The mischief maker here is the mind which can also be termed as Maya or illusion. Saibaba used to say that Maya is a dancer and in order to escape from her, we have to sing the names of God. By this way, we can escape from the clutches of the dancer Maya.

Long ago, Saibaba told the devotees, "Life is a dream, realize it; Life is a game, play it, Life is Love, share it. We can construe that the life is a playground and God acts as a 'referee' He shows us various cards of different colors whenever we trespass or transgress the rules of the game. In a way, these are all similar to 'conscious pricks'. He is the invisible referee of the game of life. He is the invisible witness of the dream of life. Hence it is said in the scriptures that God creates, sustains and annihilate the creation just like a spider weaves the web out of its saliva, lives there for some time and absorbs it through its mouth!


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      saisarannaga 4 years ago from Chennai in Tamilnadu, India.

      Thank You BJ McC!

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      Brendon J McClaughry 4 years ago from Austin Texas

      Very nice