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The world is a mirage and none can quench their thirst here!

Updated on July 22, 2017

No escape for the sensuous!

Ephemeral nature of pleasures of the senses!

The evanescent and ephemeral nature of worldly pleasures needs to be examined fully, if one aspires for wisdom. Though man is endowed with discrimination, he fails to subject his past experiences in the anvil of reality. The tongue tastes varieties of food preparations and every being is attracted to some of these tastes. But, how long the tongue enjoys the taste of the food? It cannot keep the food forever on it. Within moments of contact of the tasty dishes, it passes them to the gullet. No doubt, the tongue conveys the tastes to the brain and the mind relishes particular preparations. All the sensual experiences are similar, though they pertain to different sense organs. The ear may enjoy melodious music for an hour or so. But the mind seeks some other songs afterwards. Similarly the tongue cannot taste the same sweetness continuously. After sweet, the tongue seeks savories. This is true with all kinds of pleasures enjoyed by man. Hence people easily get disgusted with the same kind of pleasure from the sense objects. Young persons want to marry after attaining 20 years or so. It may be different in various countries. The idea is both physical and mental maturity. Hence child marriages are prohibited by law. Most of the youngsters marry expecting conjugal pleasure from the partners. When they fail to enjoy as per their wishes, they easily get disgusted and angry.

True happiness!

Nothing can give unalloyed pleasures in the world!

Hence, there is nothing in the world which can offer unalloyed pleasure to human beings. Hence many wise people after being in family with wife and children, prefer to seek peace and joy in spirituality, yoga and other such process guided (misguided) by many pseudo preceptors around the world who consider these as profitable ventures. Hence it is more vital to examine the credentials of a particular Guru and see whether the man who professes to teach meditation and other spiritual practices has himself practiced those paths or a mere paper tiger? Many preceptors at present are very proficient in lectures but they lack the practical experiences.. I have also read many books but I should adopt at least one or two things in my day to day life! Otherwise I am not fit to preach or teach. In olden days, we had many spiritual masters who practiced each and every thing and they naturally attracted sincere disciples without any propaganda or advertisements. If we are not capable of judging any such preceptor by our own observance, it would be better, if we start practicing the basic lessons like chanting the name of god or offering silent prayers seeking God’s guidance in spiritual practices. If we possess sufficient faith, god himself will prompt us from our inner Self or will provide a suitable preceptor whom we will meet at the appropriate time. Jesus from his twelfth year traveled widely in many places to learn spiritual practices from some places. His parents have practically abandoned him due to poverty or other causes. He wandered to many places including Kashmir, Nepal and Tibet and he was studying in some monasteries and his name was found in the rolls as “Isa”. None knew about him and these are all the unknown years of the life of Jesus. Of course Jesus had the spiritual spark in him from birth, still one has to move step by step in order to reach the top.

Places Jesus might have visited during lost years1

Even great people had their own preceptors!

It is pertinent to note that Rama and Krishna had their own preceptors when they were young! From birth one cannot directly ascend to the highest spiritual positions. “Start early, drive slowly and reach safely”- this adage is applicable to both mundane and spiritual affairs! Even great personages start from “alphabets”. But they progress very quickly since their intellectual capacity is very sharp. Hence even if one is unable to choose a true preceptor, he may rely upon God for inner guidance! Where there is faith, grace will flow in abundant manner. Majority of people of the world consider their senses and mind as ‘care givers’. This is a wrong idea. The mind attached to senses can never lead one to god. Instead it will bind the individual more to this mundane existence. We must try to escape from the miserable prison mentality of body/mind complex! Neither we are the body nor the mind. They are the outer cover for the individual soul. This shackle creates ego and selfishness in each individual. So long as we satisfy each and every desire that arise in the mind, we can not conquer the mind or subdue the thought process. Do not cater to the whims of the mind. Desist from attending to its needs for satisfaction.

In all religious scriptures, sense control is given prominent role. But most of us never attempt to control the senses. See good; Do good; Be good, that is the way to god. Secondly we must speak only what we think and we must act as per our words. This synchronization of thoughts words and deeds constitute one as exalted one. Where there is no sync between the thoughts words and deeds, this constitutes evil demonic nature. Relying on the external world for happiness is the most foolish attempt. Real happiness can come only in the contemplation of Divine within each of us. We must practice visualizing each individual as an embodiment of Divine which we are. This is the highest Truth. If we act on this premise, there won’t be any discard or hatred in the world. None will look others as enemies! All religious wars are fought on the premise that one’s religion is holier than the others. In fact all religions teach the same truth of Truth, selfless love, tolerance and non-violence. No religion advocates terrorism or killing of people on the pretext of religious bigotry. When people quote the religion as proof for confrontation, this shows that they have not understood their religious at all. All are one; be alike to everyone! The world is a mirage and none can quench their thirst here!

Sane wisdom..

Earthly pleasures will ultimately lead to grief!

Does the senses ever satisfy anyone in the world?

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