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The world survives in spite of several odds.

Updated on October 6, 2013

War and sustenance of the world by Supreme Power!

The Kaliyug will end only after another 4,27000 years!

It is sheer wonder that the world continue to survive in spite of several catastrophes that hit humanity. If we go through the history books and follow timeline, there were several huge catastrophes due to nature's fury in the past. Millions have perished in earthquakes, floods and other natural calamities. Also, the rate of destruction of human life is so vast during the world wars, especially during world war II, when plans were used to hurl bombs at the opponents. That war was really terrible since man has invented the most destructive weapons and the planes that carry them. It is still not known about the exact number of causalities during the war. Each country might have lost around millions of their soldiers.

The after effects of the war were terrible. Every thing on earth costed heavily and people were unable to pay for them. Many people perished in famine as a result of war. There is scarcity of essential commodities like food, clothing and fuel. The entire world was sunk in misery as a result of world war. But if you look at the condition of present day world, even without a war, nobody seems to be at peace. Previously it was war between Nations. Now the war is on economy. Governments are scratching their head to bring the economy to tolerable level .

If at all there is one single reason for the downfall of economy, it is purely due to the greed of the individual as well as the countries. Superpowers want to control the economy of the world. The world trade is centered around Dollars. Hence most of the countries are affected when there is a recession in the capitalistic countries. It has a cascading effect on the world economy. If the dollars become dear, then we have to pay a lot for the import of same quantity. Volatile market conditions affect the share market and every where it is the poor share holders who ends up in peril.

Hence it need not necessarily be nature's fury or war, but the values of currencies going down in most of the countries causes huge trade deficit and balance of payment crisis. Especially, crude is imported heavily and its cost is skyrocketing. Hence, the oil companies are facing huge loss every day. With burgeoning fuel cost, common public is greatly affected. Hence the oil producing nations are comparatively in better position. But unfortunately in almost all Arab countries, there are many political problems. If we look at the condition of those countries, it is really pathetic.

Now, neither the capitalistic countries or those who are once superpowers or third world countries are at peace. But the only satisfaction is 'in spite of all the calamities, still the world survives somehow. It is not due to any of the actions of man but there is a 'self regulating system that is in place. If there is upheaval in one place, there is corresponding depression in some other place.

Many considered that there will be a third world war due to escalating tensions between many countries. There was also a talk that the world will end by December 2012. It was only the hysteric outbursts of several pessimists. Even at the worst of crisis, there was no such catastrophe to engulf the entire world. Even the stock piling of atomic bombs halted due to the sane thinking that once triggered, the entire world will be engulfed in flames. Hence all the nations are vary of the weapons of mass destruction and there are several safety measures evolved to avoid any accidental triggers. The belief of the virtuous people is that the Supreme power which created the world and sustains it will never allow the destruction of the entire created world. There may be some high rise somewhere during some time. But it will never spread to other areas. Before it causes further harm, it will be defused.

Even if there are many who doesn't believe in such powers, God sustains and protect the creation and guard it till the time for completion of the period of each Yuga which has been mentioned in the scriptures. As per the calculations in scriptures, the present Kaliyuga which has got a time span of 4,32,000 years has passed only around 5000 and odd years. Hence before the end of this cycle, there is another 4,27,000 years roughly before the normal end.


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