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The world will exist in spite of turmoils!

Updated on February 12, 2013

The Holy Cross!

The will of God is Supreme!

When something is taken out from something, there is no depletion to the original source! How it is possible? Yes, I will give a small example here. From one lamp, many lamps are lit but the original flame remains the same. In the Veda, there is a stanza “Poornamada, Poornamidam Poornath Poornamudasyathe, Purnasya, Purnayama, Purnameva vasisyathe! The meaning is; “That is Full, This is Full, when something is taken out of the “fullness’, what remains in only Full! The flame of the lamp above is one such example! Likewise, the Love of God, the grace of God, the bounty of God never diminishes even if millions take from them! Even the ocean has got some shores but God’s love is a shoreless ocean!

We have read the story of Christ materializing many fishes and loaves of bread to feed around 5000 people when originally there were only five fishes and five loaves of bread! This is the effect of “Fullness” which manifested as Christ. Many may wonder, why Jesus submitted himself to the cruelties of some people. It is only a willing submission. He is aware that the Father in Heaven has willed so and hence those people who acted cruelly were mere instruments in the hands of God! He never harbored any hatred with any since he was above the body/mind complex and he has realized his oneness with Father! He knew what is going to happen as revealed in some ancient scriptures. Everything has happened as predicted and on the third day he ascended from the tomb and shown himself to some. When some disciple doubted about this he has shown the wound inflicted on his body during crucifixion (the nail marks with wound). Finally he ascended to merge in the Father in Heaven!

Whether people believe it or not, everything from the book of revelations become true! From this we can understand that the life of every individual evolves as chartered earlier and in a way in ‘predestined manner’ and nothing in the world is an ‘accident’ but they are ‘incidents’ willed by the Supreme One! Due to the advent of Christ, the world has some sort of order; otherwise it would have descended to abysmal depths beyond redemption! In spite of several disasters both man made and brought by nature they have not annihilated the human race from the face of the earth. Some people even predicted the end of the world during the end of the year 2012. No such thing has happened and the world will survive due the abundance of spirituality in every corner of the world. There are many pious people and noble souls who live in a silent way praying for the welfare of the world every moment. They do not pray for them. They are concerned about the welfare of the entire humanity. In spite of the proliferation of nuclear war heads throughout the world, no insane person has triggered a nuclear holocaust and none will do so! The creation is willed by the Lord and it will go on till he decides! I wish all my Christian brothers a happy observation of their religious vows commencing today!


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