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The Worst Thing That Happened to Man

Updated on October 29, 2019

If you do not believe the Bible do not waste your time to read this article.It will seem like gibberish to you.

At times you are faced with so much obstacles as you journey through life it seems like all the forces of heaven and earth are in league and has conspired to break or kill you. Know that there is a Master Spirit we called God who calls himself Jehovah who can make the impossible possible because He is still in control. Jehovah states "My thought are higher than your thoughts". Isaiah 58:8. My thoughts towards you are good and not evil.( Jeremiah 29:11.)

You need not be afraid when individuals place obstacles in your path. As a child of Jehovah doing the will of Jehovah you need not to fear. He will direct your coming in and your going out.

There is no one, and I say no one ,can stop you from achieve Jehovah’s plans and purposes for your life. The real reason and chief purpose why you were placed on earth is that, Jehovah spirit could inhabit the earth. He does that by taking up his abode in you. However his sprit can only abide in a clean vessel. That’s why he gave us some simple instructions by which you should live. Exodus 20: and in case you do not understand the full reality of what He expects he made it very simple in the Gospels.( John 13:34). He only requires you to love Him Jehovah, and your fellowmen.

Jehovah greatest wish and his greatest pleasure is that his Spirit resides in man. Man’s body was created to house the spirit for of God. If your body does not house the Spirit of Jehovah then it must be housing another spirit since it was created to house a spirit.

For this reason there is always a constant struggle between two very powerful spirits for the habitation of your body; the Spirit of the Creator and the spirit of he who wishes to take Jehovah’s position. There is always a constant struggle between them both for the mind of man; the seat of his intelligence which is governed by the will.

Universal Spirit Dance

This spirit is recognized as a seducing spirit that employs untruthful tactics of deceptions. It first tried to convince man that if man disobeyed God’s instructions to the first couple the consequences would not be exactly as Jehovah said .It somehow convinced man that He could live forever and would not die.

This Spirit was the spirit of one of Jehovah’s created immortal beings who was created with such beauty and magnificence that he became pompos and full of pride. He harbored the thought of wanting to be equal to his creators ,sit on His throne, and to be worshiped. (Isaiah 14:!2-13 . Ezekiel 28:20.)

This spirit managed to spread discontent among the other heavenly beings because he was not given the recognition he desired. He then decided that the best way to hurt Jehovah and to get the recognition he desired was by deceit, to wrestle the earth from God master piece of creation “man”.

The day man listen to this seducing spirit and did its bidding was the saddest day since the creation of planet earth. Man who was created to dominate the earth lost his position to this seducing deceptive spirit when man believed the lie that he could not die.

This gave this seducing spirit the opportunity to take up his abode in man( Psalm 51:5) and to become God of the earth( John 14:30. 2 Con14:13, Luke 4:6.)

However Jehovah with His love for man was not content to stay aside and leave his master piece to this wicked ,covetous spirit , devise a plan in which man has the opportunity to get back to his former state. This redemption was only possible if an un-fallen immortal being, equal to Jehovah was willing to pay the ransom by taking on the bodily form of man and willing gave up His life.

This ransom would not be forced on man He had to willing accept this gift .(john 3: 16) and by faith await this glorified immortal body and his renewed dominance of the earth. It will always be a constant struggle as the deceitful spirit will always be contending for mind and body of man.

Contributing Author:Juliet Christie Murray

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2015 Juliet Christie Murray


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    • Mark Johann profile image

      Mark Johann 

      5 years ago from New Zealand

      This is interesting. I learned the torso is part where emotion takes place.


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