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How To Understand The Fruits of Cultivation Part II

Updated on April 11, 2013
Power of the Enlightened
Power of the Enlightened | Source

The story of Bhadra the Magician illustrates the difference between powers that are controlled by Tai Chi1, which are fundamentally unreal and impermanent, and the real powers of an Enlightened Being or Buddha, which belong to Wu Chi2 and cannot be surpassed. According to the Buddhist’s scriptures there are eighteen unsurpassed characteristics of a Buddha. How close are you?

Eighteen unsurpassed characteristics of a Buddha

1. Perfection of body (Deeds).

2. Perfection of mouth (Speech).

3. Perfection of mind (Thought).

4. Impartiality to all (Non-discrimination).

5. Serenity

6. Self-sacrifice

7. Unceasing desire to save all sentient beings.

8. Unflagging zeal to save all sentient beings.

9. Unfailing thought to save all sentient beings.

10. Wisdom to save all sentient beings.

11. Powers of deliverance.

12. The principles of deliverance.

13. Revealing perfect wisdom in deed.

14. Revealing perfect wisdom in word.

15. Revealing perfect wisdom in thought.

16. Perfect knowledge of the past.

17. Perfect knowledge of the present.

18. Perfect knowledge of the future.

In addition there are six transcendental, supernatural powers of a Buddha:

1. Divine sight.

2. Divine hearing.

3. Knowledge of the minds of all living beings.

4. Knowledge of all forms of previous existences of self and others.

5. Power to appear at will in any place and to have absolute freedom.

6. Insight into the never-ending stream of birth and death.

Furthermore, all Buddhas possess ‘Dasabala,’ the ten fearless powers of a Buddha.

A Buddha has complete knowledge of:

1. What is right and wrong in every condition.

2. What is the karma of every being, past, future, and present.

3. All stages of liberation through dhyana and Samadhi.

4. The good and evil roots of all beings.

5. The knowledge and understanding of every being.

6. The actual condition of every individual.

7. The direction and consequences of all laws.

8. All causes of mortality and of good and evil in their reality.

9. The former lives of all beings and the stage of Nirvana. 10.The destruction of all illusion of every kind.

There are seven degrees of enlightenment of a Buddha:

1. Discerning the true and the false.

2. Zeal

3. Delight

4. Weightlessness

5. Right Mindfulness

6. Serenity

7. Indifference to all states.

1Tai Chi: The phenomenal universe encompassing all levels of existence outside of the Kingdom of Heaven. Also known as Absolute Being.

2Wu Chi: the Kingdom of Heaven beyond the phenomenal world. Also known as Absolute Non-Being.

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