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A Gift

Updated on May 22, 2017

After our church's Awana Christmas program last year, they handed out a gift to each kid at the door as we walked out. My 5 year old daughter got hers and we started for home. On our way home, I pointed out a house with some nice Christmas decorations in the yard. This house had a lot of decorations in the yard and it was decorated nicely. It had lots of lights, some snowmen, Santa Claus, and few other Christmas themed decorations. However, the house was missing any reference to the Baby Jesus. There was no Nativity scene in the yard. My daughter asked where the Baby Jesus was and I told her that not everyone has a Nativity scene with their decorations. She asked me the appropriate child question, 'Why not?'. I told her that not everyone believes in Jesus, which of course brought another 'Why?' (Which in the case is a great question by the way). I struggled how to tell a 5 year old why some people do not believe in Jesus. What could I tell her? After a moment of thought, God reminded me of the gift bag in her little hand and with that, He gave me what I think is a great answer.

I said, accepting Jesus is like you accepting that gift as we were walking out. You had a choice to make to accept the gift or reject it. Some people refuse the gift and get nothing. Others might walk out another door, not realizing that a gift is available to them. I told her that we need to make sure those people know about the gift or they are going to totally miss out on it.


The gift I am talking about of course is the gift offered for salvation and forgiveness by God. Our sin demands a punishment. It is an offense to a Holy God. He cannot stand to be around sin. The only chance we humans had was if there was one of us who never sinned, they could do and pay the price to satisfy God. When God looked for that perfect one, none was found.


The Bible says in John 3:16 that "God so loved the world". It was because of this love God sent His one and only Son to earth. His Son, Jesus, would be that perfect one. This was God's plan from the beginning. Jesus lived on earth for 33 years and never sinned once. He lived a perfect and Holy life. God found His life acceptable, so that He might die that we might not have to. He died as a sacrificial lamb. Jesus died on a cross, shedding His blood for you and for me. His death paid for the gift of forgiveness and salvation. God is now offering this gift to us, but a gift is only good if it accepted. If I were to offer you a million dollars as a gift, you would need to accept it, in order to receive the money. If you were to never accept my offer, then the money would never change hands. This is the same as the gift offered by God. It does not go into our account until we accept His offer. When do accept it, God imputes Jesus' righteousness unto us. That means when God looks at us, He sees Jesus righteousness and not our own. He sees no blemish is us. It is like we never sinned.

This Gift is our only chance to go to Heaven. We owe way more than we can pay. Our debt to God is to great. There is no way for us to earn our way to Heaven. God does not judge us based on sliding scale. Being "Good Enough" is not an option. Jesus paid a steep price to buy you this gift. It is such a shame when people do not claim it. It is a waste.

Do not let this gift go unclaimed! Call out to Him and tell Him that you are a sinner and a need of a Savior. Tell Him that you know Jesus is the only way and that you accept Him as your savior.. Ask Him to forgive you. Ask Him to save you. He will and your life will never be the same!


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