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The Healing Mind

Updated on August 21, 2011

It does not matter if you are healing your body, condition or soul; it all starts with your mind. No healing can take place if the mind is not accepting of being healed, or believes it can’t be healed. But before we proceed, let’s define what “healing” means.

Often we refer to any sort of “healing” as a changing of a situation or a condition for the better. However this could be applied to all situations that require intervention or healing. Many circumstances call for all kinds of methods. Some are acceptable, and some are quite unusual. Nonetheless, before we can begin to apply any healing art to our situation, we must first concentrate on our thoughts. We must be open to a positive outcome, and in the interim question our state of mind.

We must learn that basic healing starts with rectifying and addressing those hidden fears trapped within our minds. We must figure out what they are, because without this assessment we are wasting our time. For example, there are many people who accept one way of thinking, and believe their way is the only way, like western medical doctors. Yet they continually have patients who suffer from one condition or another, because they lack openness to other possibilities. Thus missing the boat to actually healing their patients. They continue to treat the symptoms, and don’t address the underlying issue.

Even though many of us recognize these doctors don’t hold the answer to our health, we continuously infect ourselves with more poison which cases more damaging affects than fixing the actual condition. This has led to the mindset of not accepting all western methods as healing, and so many people choose to utilize the knowledge of the east.

In the quest for alternatives, many revealed one had to change his thought patterns and either accepted the chosen method of healing or reject it. It was clear this principle was applied to all state of affairs, and it didn’t not matter if it was surgery, clearing out your home from bad spirits or dieting, the state of your mind held the key to your outcome.

With a clear mind, and confidence, one revealed it made healing possible when undergoing any process. They discover your chances of improving your situation, your mind was the your ticket to a positive conclusion. They ascertained if a person speaks contrary of what he believes, then the outcome is bleak. This will only confirmed what he believed. In his mind he had already accepted the fact that the method wouldn’t work, and the healing won’t take place. Secretly, this person has set himself up to fail and the outcome was what he expected and believed which was it didn’t work. Making the healing methods and the practitioner outmoded.

We have to recognize that we have to be in sync with our thoughts before we can begin to heal. What you believe is what you achieve, should be every healers motto. If you don’t believe it will be so, then it won’t be, and this thought goes for everything in your life, which is manifested. So in essence you have to think positive thoughts when you encounter adversities and know you mind holds the power to change anything.

But many people are quite surprise when they get what they ask for or believed. Although some of these requests are not what we truly desire, nevertheless, the mind produces the effect of what we believe. I repeat this point because it is the point.

For example; you can take two people suffering with the same illness or condition, and one will take to prayer, and recover, while the other who is skeptical about new age thinking or unethical methods, will automatically believe these methods to be ineffective, therefore creating an adverse effect to the condition, and healing never takes place.

So in essence, we must train our minds to only accept the positive, and to see the silver lining at the end of the tunnel, knowing that any condition can and will be affected just by what we think and feel about it. If you are facing a life crisis situation, and all you can focus on is the “what if” question, then you can expect an outcome of obscurities manifesting more questions, when faith is the only adequate response.

But we have to allow ourselves the opportunity to explore those questions and fears, but still how do we get into the right frame of mind? Billy Joel wrote a song twenty years ago, in which he said he was in a “New York State of Mind." What do think was implied in this song? He was referring to the New York’s mysterious sounds, and laid back atmosphere. He made it known he was gearing up to bedazzled by what NY had to offer and prepared his mind to accept what New York had to offer. This being a prime example of what is meant by “state” or “frame of mind.” This simple idea of conditioning oneself to accept change is fundamental and necessary when focusing on healing. This basic act precedes all other methods.

Another more familiar cliché we tend to use when people are confused or functioning in a way that is bizarre or out of character, we tend to say they are “out of their mind.” We referred to this type of behavior or mindset to describe an out of “balanced mind, or person” which is in desperate need of healing. Such as in the movie “A Beautiful Mind,” based on the mathematician John Forbes Nash, Jr., and an M.I.T. professor who won the Nobel Prize in economics but also suffered from schizophrenia. Functioning in society yet in need of balance, healing and understanding.

Sometimes, bad experiences can have a negative effect on our healing as well as fear. These two attributes can wreak havoc on those in dire need of healing. Sometimes the mind (or brain) is so badly damaged due to outside forces and unpleasant circumstances that healing is an enormous challenge. It is time like these when a person may not be in control of his or her own healing and the methods suggested and applied are not always beneficial or in their best interest. In some cases it may be impossible for them to make decisions due to their condition or state of mind. However, this can be dangerous for some when they discover they are at other people’s mercy. Not being a least partially responsible for your own healing can sometimes bring adverse effects.

You must recognize it is important and accept there will be times when your mind can play tricks on you. It can make you think something is better for you when it isn’t. But you cannot figure out why this happens or even question why your outcomes are what they are? This occurs because your desire (which starts in your mind like a thought or an idea), has over taken the need. And because of that desire, you believe it, and get what you want, and not necessarily what you need. So I guess my point is, if you want it, then think it. If you don’t want something, then train and condition your mind to not accept any adverse effect in your situation.

But how do I accomplish this? First of all, make sure you are clear of what you desire and expect. Never deviate from that thought. Secondly, do your homework, and be open to change. Accept the outcome with open arms and be thankful and grateful for the end result. You cannot heal any situation if the mind is not open to it. Here is where you have to use good judgment, be diligent and engage in lots of prayer. If you can see a picture of your desired result clear as day in your mind, then have faith in the picture and you can expect it to be that outcome.

Say for example, you’re unemployed and you find yourself getting a little low on funds and you begin to panic. Most people would do a lot of worrying, have many sleepless nights, a lack of an appetite, and begin to suffer with minor ailments. These concurrences are indicative of one’s conditions and these symptoms are manifested when the state of mind is jostled. The mind is not focused, and will answer all those “what if” questions with what you believe, and not necessarily the truth, but what you perceive to be the truth.

Therefore, the mind is a powerful thing, and knows only you have control of it. Never stop learning, never stopping asking questions, and be open to other points of view. These are the tools we need to exercise in order to have a good active healthy mind. Never stick to one way of doing things. This keeps ones scope limited, and it also limits one’s opportunities for growth too. Just know, if you wish to feel better about anything, and then think being better. There is no two ways about it. Be well.


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