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The Nature of Life

Updated on July 31, 2009

What is Reality?

“…There is a tendency on the part of humanity to believe too much on the physical reality of the senses and all that they perceive without paying allegiance to the powers of spiritual sensing which belong to the eyes of the soul….”

Of the many books of the various religions and philosophies of the world through the ages that I have read and contemplated these last 35 years, there have been only some that spoke to me as God. And even fewer that have spoken to me in the Unity of God despite the diversity of the different cultures through those ages. I "learned to hear" God in my heart as I made this a daily endeavor, a daily habit of desire and devotion to find Truth.

This hub article has several excerpts from one of those few books that “spoke” in my heart to that Unity. Just because it speaks to me as God, does not mean it may do the same for you immediately, but I share in the hope that it may offer you even some degree of the understanding, love and peace it has brought to me. It can take a while for a soul to discern "God", practice makes perfect!

When speaking about the realities of life, I am referring to my earthly senses and my spiritual senses. If you have read some of my other articles, you may have come to understand that I discern God in the many levels of everyday life that humanity lives each day, as well as the levels of life that some may call heaven and the hell, planes of existence "beyond everyday" life perception.

The excerpts from the book “Corona Class Lessons”, are dictations (spoken power of the Word through the Holy Spirit) from the Ascended Masters Jesus the Christ, and Kuthumi. Ascended Masters are the saints and sages that have made their ascension from these physical planes of earth and whose Souls now abide in the heaven worlds. They communicate with humanity for the purpose to assist us to attain to a better life, balance our karma and make our ascensions. They are God’s hierarchy; helpers along with the angels, Elohim and elemental life that supports humanity in our quest toward that ascension in the Light.

God’s hierarchy communicates to us through our higher nature; the birth-right of our innate divinity (as I would say is when God speaks to me in my heart), which we have yet to fully discover and accept.

There are spirits (that have died and not made their ascension) that try to communicate with us through the psychic nature of channeling that is connected to our baser nature, which we are to learn to balance and enlighten…some people would call these spirits evil and from hell, but most are just souls lost in the astral planes, though some are definitely evil imposters of heaven’s hierarchy and have no desire to know God’s love, and only need to siphon your light to perpetuate their existence by communicating with you.

There are many levels of both heaven and hell, so learning to discern those levels through the power of the Holy Spirit, is one of the purposes of human life, as well as is not to perpetuate the levels of the astral planes (hell) by wanting to communicate with them. What is needed is for us to pray for them to reach the heaven realms, as well as our selves. But we are all in our respective states of learning.

To return to our excerpts of Love and Wisdom from Corona Class Lessons:

“…The qualities of mortals are all too frequently imputed to the immortals. It seems difficult for men to perceive that the Ascended Masters are completely free of any imperfect thoughts and feelings, having ascended into the perfection of the octaves of universal Christ consciousness.

“In teaching people the realities of heaven, let the waves of aspiration from your heart be tethered to the stability of cosmic law. For your soul wed to Christ possesses the capability of rising throught the mirage of human thought and emotion, through the psychic strata (the murky astral plane), up to the plane of God consciousness where all are held in the divine image.

“My statements “I AM the Door which no man can shut…” and “I AM the Way, the Truth, and the Life: no man cometh unto the Father but by me” imply that man cannot expect to know or reach God through the senses but through attunement with the Christ consciousness, the veritable image of God, the Sun of the I AM in every man, woman and child. By relinquishing sense consciousness and becoming as a little child, “born again,” man begins to weave strands of divine sensing whereby the Infinite is brought down into the chalice of present reality.

“To attain a knowledge of God requires the faith that God is. The faith that right where you are God can declare I AM WHO I AM and unveil to you, as to Moses, the mystery of Being. To attain a knowledge of God demands a willingness to try to sense beyond appearances that Light which is “the true Light which lighteth every man that cometh into the world,” though unfortunately to many it is the Light which “shineth in darkness, and the darkness (of material sense) comprehendeth it not.

“Faith is the greatest spiritual catalyst to transport the soul into the realities of the octaves of God’s consciousness. Quite naturally men will pledge their faith to that with which their reasoning faculties concur; therefore, it is the science of Being which must be communicated to the nonbeliever…this will communicate to them the truth that materiality lacks the stability and permanence of the Divine because its basis lies in imperfection and the limitations of the senses…”.

To those of humanity who have woven the strands of communion between the heaven planes and the earth planes it is unthinkable to deny the presence of God’s hierarchy. We have the opportunity to have Spiritual teachers, through our highest level of conscience; to seek that communion is to seek God, heal and become whole, reunited with God.

There are many paths to this Unity with God. For instance, Frances of Assisi was one of the lives of Kuthumi. In that life, he recognized the love of God through the creation, specifically the animal kingdom. Here is what he had to say about that from the Corona Class Lessons book:

“…When I was embodied as Francis of Assisi, I came to realize through studying the birds and animals that my power of concentration, saturated as it was with the love of God and his love in man, would draw me into an understanding of the God-intelligence acting in Nature.

“Imagine, if you can, the joy in my soul when I found that the lovely trees were endowed with spiritual beings, angelic overseers of great stature and beauty whose power guided the development of molecular form, pattern, luster of leaf, and inherent healing properties. I felt the radiant energy reaching out from these silent sentinels capturing the heart.

“Oh, heaven was not apart from me! For I perceived all things visible to be but the hem of the garment of heaven. Touching just the physical hem, I was made whole! What would happen when I touched the whole robe?

“I longed to know…

“Thus, in order to reach this transcendent goal, which I firmly believed was attainable, I set my mind to the path of spiritual illumination. Day by day, my mind was made holier still through contact with the spiritual realms. My one-pointed dedication to the Path and my assimilation of that holiness which clearly seemed to permeate myself and everything around me.

“As my soul expanded in the transfusing light which God poured into me, I was exalted time and again by his glory expressed through the Nature kingdom. The seemingly dumb creatures of field and forest came into unity with me through God’s love, and then at last I, too, could speak their language, calling them ‘brother.’ How much more should all children of the Light love one another and have reverence for the smallest part of Life that is God!

“Out of all these transcendental experiences, my soul was stirred with a great yearning to communicate to others the boundless wisdom vouchsafed to me by God…”

From experience, as I stated, practice makes perfect, so return to read this at several different times and it just may speak to your heart, as well. I hope so.

With Love and Many Blessings,

Sparkling Jewel

Jesus the Christ
Jesus the Christ
Master Kuthumi
Master Kuthumi


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    • katyzzz profile image

      katyzzz 5 years ago from Sydney, Australia

      You've added your own special sparkle to this 'gem' of a hub, love to hear someone saying these things, a perceptive hub

    • triosol profile image

      triosol 7 years ago

      very beautiful hub. voted up.

    • couponalbum profile image

      couponalbum 7 years ago from Sunnyvale, CA

      Overall, it was a nice read. Beautifully written hub. Voted up. Liked your other hubs too. Joining your fanclub and would like to invite you to join mine. :)

    • brethodge profile image

      brethodge 7 years ago from USA

      Life has always been interesting to me.. I love living the eac part of life.. you have shared some of the most beautiful parts of life here.. tahnks for sharing..

    • cheaptrick profile image

      cheaptrick 7 years ago from the bridge of sighs

      Having drawn from many areas lends credibility to this Hub.Beautifully executed!Thank you


    • Vizey profile image

      Vizey 8 years ago

      Nice thought involved in the hub. You have done a great job... spirituality is thing te that has to be felt from inside. waiting for more to read..

    • Kimberly Bunch profile image

      Kimberly Bunch 8 years ago from EAST WENATCHEE

      Very Nice! Here's a sweet one too:

    • SparklingJewel profile image

      SparklingJewel 8 years ago from upper midwest

      Hi maven,

      Thank you...but you know the words aren't mine, I was just able to pass them along.


    • maven101 profile image

      maven101 8 years ago from Northern Arizona

      Sparkling Jewel...You have written a beautiful Hub with many spiritual thoughts and paths to be explored...I feel the sense of spirit-in-nature when developing my haiku...the silent yearning of the reaching cacti in our high desert heaven speaks to me like that..Thank you for this spiritual journey which I will return to again to refresh my soul...Larry