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The Master

Updated on June 21, 2012

This is an original parable I wrote for a blog site. It's sole purpose was a journey into levels of creativity with a focal point of having some relative meaning evolve from the experience. I lean toward the imaginative as a general rule and pull lessons and messages from the symbols that appear in my life...............the opening question is...what do you see?

"The Master"

I sat pondering nothing. I sit pondering nothing, much.

A great master came before me and said, “Come.” We were suddenly beside a pond and he turned to me and asked, “You, what do you see?”

“Here,” I asked “In the water?” I knelt and peered intently then I smiled. “I see life,” I said. “I see water, and I see the sky, I see myself and I see God. I see joy and I see serenity.”

I looked at him wondering, had I passed? Was this a test?

A single drop of water rose up from the pond and suspended in the air.

The Great Master asked again, “And what do you see here?”

I looked at the suspended drop of water and the rainbows that sprang from within it, refracting the suns light and as I gazed into it, I feel into it and was lost for days.

When I blinked I was once again beside the great master and I smiled. “I see a myriad of worlds,” I answered softly.

Then the drop appeared on my master’s face and rolled from his eye as a bright light filled the space between us and I was once again falling into his tear and becoming lost in another world.

*** **** **** **** *****

There are times in our life when the "real" world seems to become translucent and nothing is as it seems. When I wrote this story, I was in transition and searching for a better way. There is a story teller in each of us. We are translators to our senses, to the informational input that we receive every day. With the internet connecting us on a different level, we sometimes exchange the sensory for the informational.

We open new worlds of possibility when we read, when we connect, when we experience that which is not ourselves. Jumping the hurdles of limited education, we can make up for the rigid structures of our teachings by exercising the creativity of our minds. As we learn to stretch our minds, all things become possible. In fact, you may find a myriad of tiny worlds available to you.


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    • Enlydia Listener profile image

      Enlydia Listener 6 years ago from trailer in the country

      I believe in storytelling also...sometimes it is just for entertainment, but most of the time it has a purpose grander than that.