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Theory! Out of Body Experience! Practice! Your FREE Step by Step Guide. Astral Projection and OBE's.

Updated on January 26, 2012

Step by Step Out of Body Experiences, Your Free Download.

Read the article then download this amazing book!
Read the article then download this amazing book! | Source

Is it REALLY Possible for You to Experience an Out of Body Experience?

Out of Body Experience, what a fascinating subject! And what a fascinating & fabulous free & amazing in-depth book for you to download onto your computer as a special gift from, authored by 'Michael Radug,' for you to enquire further if you so wish.

You may also be interested in reading this fascinating true story of my own out of body experience, it may even send shivers down your spine, like it did me, on the night it happened.

But first, let me ask you an open question?

Have you considered that YOU may have already experienced an out of body adventure? Or that an unusual astral projection has taken place, whilst you are travelling within the witching hours, deep in the realms of your imagination in the dead of the night? Fast asleep! Even though you may not have realised it, in your slumber state, as an OBE, because, you may have forgotten, whilst in your awake criteria, thinking you may have experienced an unusual dream the night before, & something strange seemed to have taken place.

But it was just another dream! So you don't give it another thought? Do you?

But, while you were in your dream state (your reality at the time) I bet your experience surely felt real to you then!

Didn't it?

Think out of body travelling is impossible & it doesn't happen to you? Then think again ladies & gentlemen, boys & girls!

Here is a little news for you to ponder, & the link for you to look at the book is right below, & I think you'll like it! The book, & my experience too (We'll see :-)

Following on from my previous article; Ghostly Activity Now Explained!

Many have come to the conclusion that we, & all other living beings, both fauna & animal, are certainly creatures, living aspects of energy?

They, we, all thrive!

And this release of energy, that all living things posses, becomes energy of no control, energy of no use, or, of no purpose, when 'letting go,' on death. It all just evaporates, into nothingness, into the void & lost for eternity!

Or does it?

Because, you may argue, this energy, can also very much be controlled. Yes, both continually, whilst living, during, & well after death. By the practitioner itself! Or, either by control from another being, whom is already living. Or even, an entity, which is already deceased!

Either way, could this controlled energy, radiating from another living person, or even a deceased entity, be responsible for ghostly, & paranormal activity.

But right now. Have you ever considered, we should be able to project, our energy force. As energetic projection, into the astral planes, whilst we are still living & thriving off our energetic life force, by controlling our own projections into the astral realms!

Even the research & experiments such as the case concerning the conclusions of the Russian scientist Kirlian whilst photographing his hand & he caught the prints of energy patterns by using special equipment!

This energy force he photographed frazzled out a coloured electrical spectrum of currents which radiated outwards from the body part!

What was captured on Photograph is energy!

So was once thought!

But there was an explanation for this outcome & it seems it has been debunked.

Well, myself and many others believe we do have an energetic force, we are all energy! & this energy of ours radiates all its desires, from within. It is our fuel for life & burns outwards!

Within certain conditions & states of the mind, it is believed, our energy can leave our body, either voluntary, or involuntary, & we even experience the use of our senses, such as auditory & visually, as well as the sense of feeling & sensation, whilst all this happens!

I myself have been attuned to paranormal encounters & ghostly experiences & hauntings ever since my late childhood days, & you could take my word for it or not! But I still experience such incidences of ghostly happenings every so often.

I sometimes meet up with & take notes, of others, that I know personally about their own haunting happenings, & I can detect the authenticity of these cases myself when they tell me their ghost stories!

But I have a confession!

I can now say to you that I am a firm believer in OOBE’s too.

Astral Projection.

That is to say, ever since I experienced an astral projection, it was surely real, just over five years ago, on one of the most stormy nights we had late in September 2006, here in Wales, in the UK.

This experience was very real let me tell you. It left me quite shaky, unable to sleep for a while.

I began researching, the very next morning, on the unusual mystic I had endeared the night before.

I discovered that I certainly did experience what is called an out of body experience! Or 'OOB.'

It wasn’t very nice for me at the time because I can't remember sleeping, but waking up abruptly in shock, completely startled from my turmoil!

All I remember, the flash of lightning was intense & loud! Blinding my closed eyes! Forcing my imagination with an explosion of dazzling white with an almighty boom!

The deafening thunderbolt cracked right inside my head! I sensed it ricocheted from my open window pane!

Needless to say, I instantly sat bolt upright from my slumbered journey disturbed & noticed the window nets drifting from the breeze of the open window.

I shook nervously in the cold surrounding me, gasping to catch my breath, trying to focus through the blackness of the cloaking night!

How could this be? One minute I was there. The next minute, here I am, in my room!

It was so real! one moment, I was clawing my way through my bedroom ceiling! Viewing every single layer of the structured cold surface, as I progressed onwards!

I must have been floating, I even looked down at my own naked body, confirming my sensation, but it didn’t bother me one little bit at the time as I pushed my way up through the sullen hollow of the night & buried my head deep inside the thin layers of plaster under the white emulsioned ceiling.

The attic! That's were I was going to. (Didn't know why then, I just went with the flow.)

My head forced effortlessly right through the pine wooden slats. I couldn't feel anything physical, but I had a plain view of everything around. My hand followed soon afterwards as I pushed it through the ceiling!

I remember looking around, briefly, watching minute glass strands, shaken, from the wooly fibreglass, of the attic insulation, whilst I slowly fingering my way through the itchy mass.

Everything sparkled & glistened! Dirty orange, whilst millions of tiny dust flecks animated in mid air. And floated majestically there for slow motion seconds at a time.

My arms, finally pulled my head, through into the attic above!

At last!

An ex girlfriend, I had a relationship with previously, was standing there, lurking in the murky shadows, hands on her hips, wearing a mini skirt & heels.

Looking at me crossly.

She was standing right next to this mysterious huge wooden crate sitting on the floor rafters & it was full to the brim with books.

I looked at her. She was telling me something, I could see her lips moving but I couldn't hear her voice.

But I realized this.

Her mum, authored a book before vanity publishing a considerable amount of them, just a couple of years back, so I told her I would help her to try & sell some more copies so she could at least get some of her publishing money back.

Her daughter, whom I was going out with previously, was standing right there in my attic & she seemed angry, standing there with her arms crossed.

& I realised why there & then. Why I was in this projection (I was in touch with this author quite a few years back, the lady in question has moved abroad but I'm sure she has set herself a website & has her books on offer, all I can tell you is the book is a great read & I'll post a link up here when I find the site.)

One second, I was there, in the attic, and then the next, BOOM, I remember vibrating violently over the bed, a mild electrical jolt passing throughout my whole body, that flashing thunderbolt exploding my mind.

Was it a all dream?

No. I remember everything immediately on waking up. I recalled the experience as I sat on the bed. It was real to me all right.

And so, my adventure that stormy night in September just over five years ago was very frightening & real indeed.

I can chuckle.

Maybe you or someone you know has had an experience like this before?

It must be a likely candidate that Out of Body or Astral Experience has something to do with the persons energy, leaving their body, roaming the planes of another dimension.

Searching for the answers to subconscious missions that we give to ourselves? Maybe astral projection, the energy of the soul, is the same energy as is our very own ghost, that we may be able to control, either consciously, or unconsciously, even though we are still living?

Makes you wonder?

I hope you enjoyed sharing my journey & I would love to hear your comments, you can leave them in the box below. Please let me know what you think?

If you enjoyed your reading experience maybe you'd like to sign up & follow me for current & further subjects which I have, & are, analysing & analysed, & broken down into bite size chunks for you to ponder over? Or maybe you'd even like to write articles yourself, then please click & sign up HERE & be sure to follow. Download your fee book & let us know how you get on.

Thank you for reading. Have a good night, don't let the bedbugs bite!

Regards Dale Ovenstone 2011


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    • Inspired to write profile imageAUTHOR

      Dale J Ovenstone 

      7 years ago from Wales UK

      Thank you for your comments Jason.

      What your describing there is when someone creates a 'vibe' which has to do with the energy you create through your emotions. The trick is, to try to connect everyone in your company to 'your vibe' enabling them to feel how you want them to feel. This is actually another article in the making.

      Take care grasshopper lol. Regards Dale

    • Jaymighty2 profile image


      7 years ago

      This is an interesting idea that everything has an energy can't remeber which monks are supposed to be able to control their energies and be able to push people down without actually touching them.

      This might support this idea

      also how about empathy. empathy could just be a matter of sensing someones energies or perhaps sharing them making you feel the way the other person feels. like when your out with friends and you all have a good time maybe thats a shared energy travelling through each member and created by each member of the group.

      Anyways excellent article dude


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